Issue 60

A guide to proper conduct in product development

Andrei Adam
Product Manager @ 3Pillar Global Trainer @ SPOR


Customers are always on our minds and we often speak about how to keep them at the center of our attention at all times, about how to step in their shoes and how to win their hearts. However, we seldom do remember to also sharpen our blades for the fight against our worst enemy, our inner selves.

Choose our battles wisely

Competition is never an issue. Competition is an incentive. It is always pushing us to be better, more efficient, and it is what helps us be one step ahead of the game in this extremely dynamic and unpredictable world. Be aware of the customary practices, keep up the fight against the temptation to mold your work on someone else's breakthrough, push back on the irresistibility of fine tuning, that's where your own success awaits to be uncovered. Once we manage to overcome these obstacles, we realize that 'pioneer' or 'market leader' are no more than fancy words polished with highly calibrated weaponry. In this fight, competition is not a barricade for us to stumble upon, but the exact opposite.

Be proactive instead of simply react

When we get to a point when we mostly react instead of anticipate, that is when we are already one step behind. That's when we're down the hill, mostly fixing and patching things up instead of innovating and creating new opportunities. Showing adaptability and courage in taking the first step represents proof of our experience, of our capacity to overcome fear. Combined with the proper attitude, this will most definitely favor a consistent evolution.

Have an undivided consciousness

Transparent communication, on all axes of the corporatist hierarchies, can only deepen the sense of belonging, amplify the level of consciousness, build up the trust and maximize the efficiency of our efforts. We're all on the same side, working hard towards a common goal, and this is something that must be felt, rather than simply read off of a motivational banner. With the proper attitude, there is no boundary to the performance that can be reached when aiming towards a common goal.

Keep away from the dark side of dilettantism

No one was born wise, and furthermore, a vital element of evolution is continuity and consistency. It is of utmost necessity to sharpen our abilities, to keep up to date, to improve and adapt our ways of working, everything for an optimal development, both professionally and personally, so that we may be able to create a product as close as possible to our clients' needs. By working hard with ourselves, we'll be implicitly capable of creating high-quality and high-value products.

Take chances

Hard work and talent are not enough. No one has ever made history without taking a leap of faith, an acknowledged risk that certainly takes us out of our comfort zone, but which can place us ahead of the game. Faith in ourselves is what keeps us balanced throughout such endeavors and helps us clear our minds for a perfect vision of the ultimate goal.

Be yourselves, keep on shape-shifting into better versions of yourselves, and proudly look into the mirror. This will mean that we'll be capable of creating the best product we could ever conceive, and this is all that I wish for all of us!




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