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Agile Summer Camp Cluj-Napoca

Diana Tîrnovan
Storyteller. Founder @ Trai


Florian Ivan - SCM AC PMI, PMP, Prince2Practitioner and Microsoft MVP - challenges you to 2 days with and about the most famous Agile practices in the world, a training that promises to make you become truly Agile.

As a must for professionals in software, Agile is an indispensable tool for the delivery of quality software. Whether the projects relate to product development, software solutions or outsourcing, Agile is widely recognized as a solution that enables the on time delivery at high quality standards, though maintaining the cost constraints.

Agile Summer Camp is an insight into Agile methodologies (such as Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean, FDD, Crystal, DSDM), that aims to contribute to:

  • Build confidence and increase team"s motivation;
  • Develop a close relationship to the customer;
  • Increase productivity on a regular basis;
  • Increase the personal organization.
  • On time and on budget project completion;

Florian Ivan"s over 15 years of experience in the software industry makes this event to be quite an experience. Not just theory and frameworks, but real life stories and lessons. See Agile in actions through different scenarios from start-ups to large corporations. All very real, covering topics like:

  • Introduction to Agile methodologies and standards
  • Key Agile methodologies: Scrum, XP, Kanban, Lean, FDD, Crystal, DSDM
  • Agile delivery teams: Roles and responsibilities, Accountability in project teams, Communications and stakeholder management, Leadership and management in Agile projects, Tools and practices, Information sharing in Agile projects
  • Project initiation: Project and portfolio management, Key project indicators, vision and charter
  • Backlog management: User stories, Requirement collection techniques, Planning, organizing and prioritization, Re-prioritization and grooming, Change requests management
  • Release/iteration planning: Agile planning concepts, Estimation techniques, Story points and other estimating indicators, Story mapping and product roadmaps, Wireframes and personas
  • Inside and around the iteration: Before the iteration, Daily stand-ups, Reviews and retrospectives

A goal of the course is to understand and correctly use the tools and Agile practices. One such case is estimating the stories in several points. We will discuss why an apple gets to have more points than a cherry and why the road to Bucharest gets more than the one to Sibiu. And of course we will try to understand the concept of task management from a new perspective, namely the one of relative values, and not absolute ones as we were accustomed to until now.

Florian Ivan brings a unique view on how projects should be led. His belief is that through profound education, pragmatic experience and correct attitude we all can achieve far better results.

Florian is the managing partner of Rolf Consulting Germany, a project management consulting and training company with a strong focus on Agile methodologies. Prior to dedicating himself to training, he worked as a Partner Program Manager for Microsoft Corporation. Before joining Microsoft, Florian was involved in a software start-up specialized in business intelligence and data management.

Agile Summer Camp takes place on 1-2 July in Bucharest and 18-19 July in Cluj-Napoca. The event in Cluj is sponsored by Accesa and organized by TechLeague - the IT professionals"division created out of passion for technology.

Equally embracing events such as: presentations, trainings, workshops - mainly dedicated to Microsoft technologies- TechLeague is being introduced for the first time to the Cluj audience through the Agile Summer Camp event. TechLeague aims to become the ideal context through which the passion for technology challenges you to discover, to get to know and share methods of technical excellence.

Agile Summer Camp is an event with a limited number of seats. This is why we eagerly expect your registration at:

For further details please visit us:






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