Issue 20


Alin Stănescu
Project manager


Evolso is created with 3 main technical parts : The mobile app, the website and REST services. The web platform can be accessed at : http://evolso.com. On this site you can find out more informations about what evolso stands for, how it can help you in your daily life and how to use it at maximum, info about team members, events.At the same time there is a visible part only available to our partners where they can login with an account and create,design events and see statistics of what"s happening inside their locations ( ex :how many users check-ed in, how many will attend the events, etc. ). The mobile app is created for our users and is the main part of the system. We started on Android, giving the fact that the market share of smartphones with Android in Romania is bigger than other OS.But we have the iOS version too, that it will be launched at the end of this month. The mobile app connects to the server using REST services and the responses are in JSON and some of the responses are send with Push Notifications through the devices. Behind the "magic" there is a MongoDB database. We picked out MongoDB because it"s a NoSQL database,easy to grow and uses documents JSON style,it"s open-source and it can have "Out of the box" GeoLocation. MongoDB helps us make different "queries" in the database locations related, an important aspect in the evolso project.

I would like to add that all the percentages between the users are done real-time on the server,wich means that MongoDB offers an incredible response speed.

Technical difficulties we encountered when trying to connect two different individuals. The connectivity could"ve been done using messages using different frameworks, or using our methods ( wich we already did), or using voice. We wanted to implement VoiP from the first version of the mobile app to offer our users a bonus.To use this service, we used a framework created by (http://www.rebtel.com/). This framework is free and can be used on Andorid and iOS.Other problems that occured from the fragmentation of the OS.In the mobile app appeared different errors on different OS versions,where the majority where fixed and we will continue to fix them.



  • Accenture
  • BT Code Crafters
  • Accesa
  • Bosch
  • Betfair
  • MHP
  • Connatix
  • BoatyardX
  • .msg systems
  • Yardi
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