Issue 23

5 Simple Rules for an Efficient Campaign

Ruxandra Tereanu
Conversion Analyst


A 2013 research shows that 77% of the consumers prefer receiving an email instead of a social media message or an SMS. In 2014, an email campaign with a powerful marketing content can be a powerful, revenue generating tool.

Before planning any campaign you should make sure that:

  • The data base only contains users who have agreed to receive email communications from the company.
  • Users who have bought a product or service in the last 18 months.

#1. Segment your audience

One of the most frequent mistakes in email marketing is sending the same message to all the customers. Customers are different, so, their aria of interest is different. They can be divided according to:

  • Favorite/ bought products
  • The average amount of money spent on an order / the entire amount spent in a month
  • The interest they show in your emails
  • The experiences they have so far had with your company (positive or negative)

Depending on the criteria above, you can generate a personalized message, targeted on the client"s interests.

#2. Test

The most tested item of an email is the Subject line (75%), followed by content/ message (61%) and call-to-action button or the images used in the email (50%). Other elements that can be tested are:

  • the From field
  • the hour of the day when the Campaign is sent
  • the day of the week when the Campaign is sent
  • the used Landing page
  • the audience that receives the email

#3. Define a pattern and send the email at the same hour

Once you have found out, during the testing phase, which the best moment of the week and day is to send a campaign, it is recommended that you remain consistent. Of course, depending on the period and season of the year, the time and day may change.

#4. Adjust your layout for the mobile

Did you know that 75% of the smartphone users will delete the received email if its layout is not adjusted to the mobile? Moreover, the emails opened on a smartphone outnumbered those opened on a PC in 2013.

That is why it is important for your newsletter to be optimized for all devices. The optimization can be done starting with the layout and continuing with the content and links inserted in the email.

#5. Personalize your email as well as the user journey behind it

When you are planning an email marketing campaign, take a step back and look at the campaign as a whole.

Let"s suppose a sport items shop will soon go into the sales period. When the user opens the received email and he is interested in a product, once he has reached the product page, the message must be reiterated. One can also create special landing pages, in order to facilitate and shorten the buying process.

Once the above rules have been complied with, do not forget the most important one, namely to request feedback from your clients!

Select the clients that are most attached to the brand and send them an email with a feedback questionnaire. You will find out new things about your campaign.




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