Andrei Kelemen

Andrei Kelemen

CEO @ Cluj IT Cluster

Cluj IT Cluster starts a national network of IT&C clusters

The first partnership will be concluded with the Regional TIC Cluster Western Region, which has been established during Cluj Innovation Days, in the presence of the Minister of Communications and Informational Society, Marius Bostan. This year's conference represents the first step towards creating an interdisciplinary forum for debate. „Digital Economy” will be the main theme of Cluj Innovation Days 2017, according to the organizers.

On Entrepreneurship, at the End of the Year

By the courtesy of Ovidiu (Matan, of course), I was invited to deliver a presentation on IT DAYS 2014. As I did not manage to go through everything during the time allotted to my presentation, the writing of this article gives me the opportunity to complete my presentation. This is what I wanted to say by all means! Entrepreneurship can no longer put technology aside nowadays, no matter the domain. We can imagine any business activity you like and, without much effort, we can attach a technological function to serve that activity. Moreover, technology has become in time a differentiating element, which can ensure the competitive advantage necessary to success.

On the Relevance of Student Work Practice

One of the main concerns of Cluj IT Cluster is the human resource of the industry. It is well known that the IT in Cluj, still substantially based on outsourcing services, is in a constant need of well-trained people, who should be as numerous as possible. It is also a known fact that most of the IT companies in our city are permanently in search of new talents. According to the existing data, also confirmed by our members, we are talking about hundreds of jobs available, for which it is difficult to find the right candidates.

Cluj Innovation Days, 20-21 March 2014

I think you chose the best moment to create this platform (Cluj Innovation City) and you will have all my and the European Commission’s support to materialize such value-added ideas. I thank you and learn that you can count on my support.” - Mr. Dacian Ciolos, European Commissioner
The second edition of Cluj Innovation Days (CID) was, by all accounts, a success. During the two days Cluj-Napoca became the capital of innovation in Romania.

Innovation or how to shape the future

I will start this small text with a quote from a guy that reinvented Nokia. Not nowadays Nokia, but the one from the ‘80s and which later became the tech giant we all know. This is what J.O. Nieminen, CEO of Nokia Mobira, said in 1984: When an inventor in Silicon Valley opens his garage door to show off his latest idea, he has 50% of the world market in front of him. When an inventor in Finland opens his garage door, he faces three feet of snow. Therefore, innovation had to be at home among the thousands of icy lakes of Finland. This is, in a nutshell, the reason why this Scandinavian country’s economy ranks constantly among the top 5 most competitive in the world.




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