Sebastian Botiș

Sebastian Botiș

Project Manager @Arobs

A simple approach for Risk Management in Scrum

In traditional waterfall model, risks were usually managed by using project risk management frameworks. Nowadays, there is a kind of lack of formal risk management techniques in agile software development methods. Agile models claim to be risk-driven. By nature, due to its core concept, its iterative approach enables continuous attention to risks and the risks can be reduced by different practices like continuous software integration and early validation. Unfortunately, in reality, the agile model implements only a few risk management practices.

CIVITAS – Archimedes project IAȘI

The Archimedes project is made of a mixture of innovative, integrated and ambitious measures for a clean environment, energy efficiency, lasting urban public transportation and, therefore, a meaningful impact over the politics for energy consumption, transport and environment protection. AROBS Transilvania Software has offered a complete solution – hardware and software – for the fluidization and creation of an enhanced comfort during the process of ticketing for public transportation in the city of Iasi, the beneficiary of this European Project.

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