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Mircea Pătraș-Ciceu C++ Developer
Using OSEK/VDX-compliant operating systems in embedded projects

Embedded systems use microcontrollers to perform the required actions according to the received inputs. The microcontroller offers (among others) I/O ports for interaction with the outside world and a CPU core to run the application program defined in the microcontroller software project. This project needs to include, besides the hardware dependent configuration, a task scheduler, code for peripheral control (drivers) and the actual application modules. The project can also include communication services, libraries and other components. In this article the focus is on scheduling algorithms starting from the super loop, state machine approach and, finally, OSEK/VDX schedulers.

Dumitrița Munteanu Software engineer
Multithreading in C++11 standard (part 1)

Thirtheen years after publishing the first C++ standard, and simultaneous with the publication of the new C++11 (or C++0x) standard, the members of the C++ Standards Committee decided to offer a major change regarding the multithread programming. For the first time C++ language offers support in implementing applications that require concurrent programming, regardless of the development platform. Before C++11 standard the multithreaded applications were based on platform-specific extensions, like Intel TBB, OpenMP, Pthreads, etc.

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Leonard Abu-Saa System Architect
What’s new in Windows Communication Foundation 4.5

New features in WCF 4.5 tend to fall into two aspects: simplicity and scalability. The biggest problem there is when it comes to WCF configuration. What they wanted from the new version was easier and simpler configuration. We all know that is not easy to configure a WCF service. Indeed, after being set up and go, it becomes a great advantage in any system of distributed applications.

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Sebastian Botiș Project Manager
CIVITAS – Archimedes project IAȘI

The Archimedes project is made of a mixture of innovative, integrated and ambitious measures for a clean environment, energy efficiency, lasting urban public transportation and, therefore, a meaningful impact over the politics for energy consumption, transport and environment protection. AROBS Transilvania Software has offered a complete solution – hardware and software – for the fluidization and creation of an enhanced comfort during the process of ticketing for public transportation in the city of Iasi, the beneficiary of this European Project.

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