Zoltan Pap-David

Zoltan Pap-David

Software Engineer @Macadamian


In October 2011, we started the HackaServer Project, a web security testing platform using the power of crowd sourcing. When we were building HaS we had to come up with a way to create a spin off in case things were not moving in the direction that we anticipated. I have to mention that HaS is not open for business yet because of one simple reason: We are a very small team.

Core Data – Under the hood

Core Data is an object graph and persistence framework provided by Apple. Is a relatively small but very robust framework, it provides solutions for many general problems and fits perfectly with Cocoa and other API provided by Apple. (In the MVC pattern Core Data takes the place of the Model). Core Data API or stack, can be decomposed to the following three components: Persistent Store Coordinator (NSPersistentStoreCoordinator), Managed Object Model (NSManagedObjectModel) and Managed Object Context(NSManagedObjectContext). All these three parts are working together to allow storing/retrieving Managed Objects (NSManagedObject).


iCloud is a set of interfaces and services provided by Apple, for sharing data among different instances of the application running on different devices, in an easy to use and safe manner. To be able to work with iCloud, first you will need an App ID configured for iCloud. In the XCode project entitlements should be enabled and also iCloud needs to be set up on the deployment device (iCloud app cannot be tested on a simulator). Detailed configuration steps are not subject of this article, details can be found on https://developer.apple.com.

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