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Csaba Porkolab Software developer
Build dynamic JavaScript UIs with MVVM and ASP.NET

Knockout is a Javascript library helping us to create desktop like web pages. These pages have a clear data, and it is synchronizing perfectly the UI to data model. Knockout is an open-source project, created by Steve Sanderson, who is developer at Microsoft. Knockout is his personal project, it doesn’t belong to Microsoft. The source code can be downloaded from GitHub and a relevant documentation and notifications can be found at http://www.knockoutjs.com

Zoltan Pap-David Software Engineer

iCloud is a set of interfaces and services provided by Apple, for sharing data among different instances of the application running on different devices, in an easy to use and safe manner. To be able to work with iCloud, first you will need an App ID configured for iCloud. In the XCode project entitlements should be enabled and also iCloud needs to be set up on the deployment device (iCloud app cannot be tested on a simulator). Detailed configuration steps are not subject of this article, details can be found on https://developer.apple.com.

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Béla Tibor Bartha Software Engineer
Modern Concurrency

There are new processors coming. Two cores seem to be past, even on mobile; GPUs can be used for computational operations, and they have many cores - 1500+ these days, how do we use them all? What’s next, how do we keep the development pace with this shiny new hardware? Clouds are getting bigger today, we have processing clouds and data clouds, they can handle more requests than the human mind can imagine. We have lots of concurrent users on a single server, which needs to be fed with data. How do we handle so many requests?


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