Claudia Mihu

Claudia Mihu

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Tips & tricks from Smartweb 2016

Smartweb is a two-day conference dedicated to front-end development and design. It takes place in Bucharest, annually. There are eight presentations each year, and a few of the topics addressed this year are: responsive images, CSS layouts, and tips & tricks for optimising performance.

Smartweb conference review

Smartweb is an annual event dedicated to designers, developers and entrepreneurs from South Eastern Europe. This year, Smartweb was held in Bucharest, organized by Evensys, and I had the chance to be there thanked to Today Software Magazine. The event is split in two parts lasting two days: on the first day, there are two parallel eight hour workshops, and on the second day, there is a conference with worldwide known speakers. This year, Jeremy Keith, Kaelig, Marko Dugonjic, Harry Roberts, Remy Sharp, Zoe Gillentwater, Ana Tudor and Bruce Lawson were present in Bucharest. Their presentations tackled themes like responsive design, Html, Css, Javascript and web standards.

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