Patkós Csaba

Patkós Csaba

Lead Software Developer @ Syneto

The Future of Continuous Integration

The first thing that came to my mind when I started writing down this SPEECH was: “Will I look back at it in five years with a smile or a frown?” It is very difficult to foresee the future in IT, it is almost impossible. There are a few geniuses like Gordon Moore who could foresee the evolution of CPU technology for 50 years. There is even a law named after him. But even his law will fail when the physics will catch up with us. It won’t be long, just a couple or so new generations of CPUs, and there we are. No more improvement allowed by physics on the same architecture.

Accepting Change. The Path to One Bug Per Month

I believe great programmers can create unique software in a way it has never been done before. This is a story about me joining a team and how we came a long way from a traditional development process to an agile one. We will contemplate on the events and decisions that led from chaos to order and from strict rules to a happy workplace. A place where a complete enterprise storage solution is made with almost no bugs found in production, thanks to a team ever open to change and continuous learning.


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