Daniela Crișan Senior Tester
Case study of Test Automation

As applications and systems grow larger and more complex, test automation is moving beyond a luxury and becoming a necessity for them. As technology changes, testing must also change and adapt. So start small, by using different approaches on a small scale to see what works best before attempting to spread further. Successful test automation needs both ingenuity and perseverance. What are the main factors that contribute to success in test automation? What common factors most often lead to the failure of an automation effort?

Mădălin Crăciun Lead User Experience Designer @ mReady
Why Not to Build a Mobile App

There is no denying that, in certain cases, creating a mobile app for your company could increase revenue and user engagement while promoting brand loyalty. However, this is not always the case. Here are a few reasons why you should give it some more thought before you jump on the mobile app bandwagon.


Bogdan Bucur SAP ABAP Developer @ Siemens
SAP HANA as a Database

Many companies have recently dealt with huge amounts of data and all of them have problems in making efficient use of it. According to EMC, at the end of 2013 there were 4.4 zettabytes of data ( 2.9 zettabytes generated by consumers and 1.5 zettabytes generated by companies ).

George Lupașcu-Pruna Accredited Intercultural Practitioner @ itim International
Motivation Butchers

By now, most of the leaders agree that one component that you need in order to succeed in your business is to be able to motivate your people. Having motivated people ensures your access to the infinite resources that the human mind can offer. In theory, almost everybody agrees that motivated people will decrease your production costs, will deliver the projects faster, will earn you more clients, will keep your clients happy, and will increase the overall value of your business. However, the behaviors and expectations, some of the managers display, really make you feel you are watching an infant trying to eat by himself with a spoon.

Andrei Bâcu Senior developer @ Paddy Power Betfair
Scalable Data Science with Spark ML Pipelines

The term Data Science is not really that new, and yet it is still raising much debate among scholars and practitioners about what it is, and what it is not. One way to consider data science is as an evolutionary step in interdisciplinary fields like business analysis that incorporate computer science, modeling, statistics, analytics, and mathematics. Two great books that will help you start your Data Science journey are Developing Analytic Talent: Becoming a Data Scientist, by Vincent Granville, and The Field Guide to Data Science, released by the Booz Allen Hamilton company.

Patkós Csaba Lead Software Developer @ Syneto
The Future of Continuous Integration

The first thing that came to my mind when I started writing down this SPEECH was: “Will I look back at it in five years with a smile or a frown?” It is very difficult to foresee the future in IT, it is almost impossible. There are a few geniuses like Gordon Moore who could foresee the evolution of CPU technology for 50 years. There is even a law named after him. But even his law will fail when the physics will catch up with us. It won’t be long, just a couple or so new generations of CPUs, and there we are. No more improvement allowed by physics on the same architecture.

Tófalvi László Software Engineering Consultant @ Accenture
Today we have 10 million industrial robots … but a new wave is coming

Meet Baxter. Baxter is a cobot, a collaborative robot. He is a new breed of robot. He can work in a highly unstructured environment, has more degrees of freedom (more joints), can apply logic to make decisions, and can communicate with other systems. He is a resident of the Accenture Innovation Lab in Cluj, but he is not from the future. He is already working in several factories around the world.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Techsylvania and IT Camp 2016

In May 2016, I attended Techsylvania and IT Camp, two important conferences for Cluj and Transylvania alike. The conferences covered different topics, but their impact on the local market was significant if we take into account the number of participants and the prestige of the speakers.

Gelu Vac Software Engineering Manager @ Crossover
Hyperspace in software development

There are over 700 programming languages and approximately 10 software development paradigms. How do we choose the programming language we use to implement a project? What are the evaluation criteria we use to decide the fate of our new project? What are the 700 programming language? Are these just reinterpretations of the same principle with slight syntactic differences? This is definitely not so. The answer we are looking for lies in the space of software development paradigms. Software development paradigms do not oppose each other. They are rather orthogonal.

Szilárd Kacsó CEO & Trainer @ Azimut Happy Employees @ updateED
Leading Millennials – A Brief but Practical Guide for Team Leaders

Being a Team Leader (at any level / function / department / industry) can be a challenging role. You constantly have to balance performance and requirements from management above, deal with employees, plan, manage, motivate, track, appraise performance, train, develop, sometimes hire or even deal with clients. It is certainly a complex role, and it can sometimes be difficult and exhausting. But it shouldn’t be! Let us see what we can do to make it easier and more effective, especially focusing on leading millennials (born between 1980 and 2000, give or take).

Vlad Șerban Developer @ Paddy Power Betfair
ODI 12c vs. Talend

Nowadays, one of the biggest problems, most companies have to deal with, regards the way in which they integrate data from various sources, and then process and expose it, to satisfy business needs and get the necessary information to make the right decisions for improving existing products. Yet, many companies are not aware of the benefits of data integration tools. Using such a tool is not uncommon at all. It is rather a MUST.


Compared to other fields, development has one major advantage: it is universal. Applications, websites and services become global when made public. However, their success relies on their associated scope, on the way in which users interact with the products and the way in which marketing resources are engaged. Up to now, research, finances/stock exchange and the media have been noted to be highly successful. We expect other fields, like education, health and agriculture to embrace the advantages which derive from the fusion of software, robotics and AI.

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