George Mihaiu

George Mihaiu

Online Marketing Specialist @Azimut Happy Employees

Freedom at Work: Redefining success in an organization

Since we were little, we were told to search for success in all things that we do because this search will guarantee us happiness. So, how come we don’t notice an explosion of happiness amongst employees who established themselves as being successful? (employees who earn more than 75.000$/per year). We came to realize that having a successful career along with a care-free life, doesn’t necessarily lead towards the ideals of happiness.

Consumer society 3.0. The future of the digital era

At a glance, there are two things that stand out, which also make the object of change in today’s society: the first is information and the second is speed. Digital era and century of speed are concepts which slowly become more and more familiar, which are part of us, which follow us every step of the way (literally) and which are so obvious that they become tangible. Within these lines, the so-called change is driven by the global social megatrends (demographics, market fragmentation, the emergence of new economies etc.) and by technology and innovation (Big Data, cloud computing, social networks etc.)


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