Bogdan Iordache

Bogdan Iordache

Co-Founder How to Web

The Romanian Startup Awards Finalists

As you probably know, TheNextWeb rewards the most important startups, entrepreneurs and local investors. On the list of 12 there is also Romania, the event in Bucharest being co-organized by Geekcelerator. Here is a short analysis of the nominees.

3 Months of Springboard

In December 2012 I accepted a very interesting challenge: to become the programme manager of Springboard, one of the best (no modesty, I know, but that’s a fact) European accelerator programmes. The 2013 edition also brought an element of absolute novelty: it was the first European programme dedicated to hardware startups, a very interesting movement which followed a 2012 year full of news for the hardware developers.

Let’s not forget about Silicon Valley

Almost 60 years ago, William Shockley left Bell Laboratories and founded the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory in 1956 in Mountain View, believing that silicon, not germanium, is the right material for the production of transistors. In 1957 eight of his engineers left the company and founded Fairchild Semiconductor and later on other two (Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore) founded Intel.

Financing for Tech Startups through the Tech Angels network

The South-East European IT industry is emerging, and the potential and technical talent in the area is the starting point for the development of a sound entrepreneurial ecosystem. Not long time ago, the startups from the region had to look after investors outside the borders. Starting in September, the Tech Angels network of private investors facilitates the access to capital for the tech entrepreneurs.


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