Dan Suciu Lecturer, PhD @ Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, UBB
Product Mindset

According to human resources specialists, IT in Romania is one of the few domains in which the number of available jobs has raised after the beginning of the economical crises and one in which companies compete for the best specialists. The idea that keeps coming up is that in the competition with the low costs of the employees of other geographic areas (such as, for example, Asia), the solution is to migrate from outsourcing to one’s own products, or, in a less radical process, to change the relationship with the clients and turn the status of mere executant (such as it could be induced by the outsourcing model) into a status of consultant (which would turn the IT companies into partners for their customers).

Alexandru Bolboacă Agile Coach and Trainer, with a focus on technical practices
@Mozaic Works
The adoption of Software Craftsmanship techniques: Technical Coaching

We know from the experience of the industry that the techniques promoted by the Software Craftsmanship movement have the potential to increase the productivity of the development teams. Test Driven Development helps obtaining solutions with better design and more stable in a shorter period of time. Pair Programming helps eliminating the mistakes while the code is produced, fast knowledge dissemination in a team and finding simpler solutions. Continuous Integration helps solving integration issues between components fast and without stress. Continuous refactoring helps keeping the code flexibility, so that when the customers ask for unforeseen functionalities, the team can add them very fast.


Silviu Dumitrescu Line manager@Telenav
Book review: Java Message Service

Java Messaging Service and associated architectures are an alternative to traditional communication methods and associated architectures such as RPC and distributed systems. The level of trust, flexibility, extensibility and modularity of an application are much higher when using these architectures instead of the classic ways, previously mentioned.

Radu Olaru Senior Software Developer
@Small Footprint
HTML5: Web Sockets

If we think of the most important influence any protocol had over computer communications, it has to be HTTP. This protocol made possible the web we use daily which itself spawned revolution after revolution in these last years. The first web pages were mostly static, few having modest multimedia content. But after a while, complex applications started to emerge prompting developers to hunt and discover the new possibilities as well as the limits of the Internet at that time.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine

The first TSM delegation abroad took part in the ICT SPRING EUROPE 2013, event that took place in Luxembourg and lasted for two days. The public was numerous and, as partners, we had the opportunity to share our magazine within the event. The stars of the event were Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts. Let us begin with the story of the event. From Cluj, Luxembourg is not very far away, a flight to Charloi (Belgium), and from here, a shuttle directly to our final destination.

Bogdan Iordache Co-Founder How to Web
3 Months of Springboard

In December 2012 I accepted a very interesting challenge: to become the programme manager of Springboard, one of the best (no modesty, I know, but that’s a fact) European accelerator programmes. The 2013 edition also brought an element of absolute novelty: it was the first European programme dedicated to hardware startups, a very interesting movement which followed a 2012 year full of news for the hardware developers.

Diana Tîrnovan Storyteller. Founder @ Trai
Agile Summer Camp Cluj-Napoca

Florian Ivan - SCM AC PMI, PMP, Prince2Practitioner and Microsoft MVP - challenges you to 2 days with and about the most famous Agile practices in the world, a training that promises to make you become truly Agile. As a must for professionals in software, Agile is an indispensable tool for the delivery of quality software. Whether the projects relate to product development, software solutions or outsourcing, Agile is widely recognized as a solution that enables the on time delivery at high quality standards, though maintaining the cost constraints.

Andreea Pârvu People Operations Business Partner @ Endava
Team building (I)

Many companies are organizing in this period team building activities and managers are talking about what kind of activities are suitable to be used during these events. My purpose in this article is on a more practical approach. I don’t want to insist on defining the concept of team building because people are already used with it, but I would like to mention 7 steps related to how to organize team building activities.

Towards An IT Community – via HR (II)

Revenim cu al doilea articol care sintetizează părerile unor reprezentanţi HR din firme IT clujene de marcă, reuniţi în al doilea workshop din cele patru pe care ni le-am propus în anul 2013. Dorim să identificăm practici din sfera resurselor umane, trecute şi prezente, posibil utile pentru procesul de constituire a unei comunităţi mature de IT în zona Clujului. Ne-ar plăcea ca acest demers să fie urmat şi de alte „bresle” profesionale din regiune. Deocamdată credem că industria IT, fiind „pe val”, se poate constitui într-un veritabil model de succes, care să seteze standarde de muncă şi pentru alţii (venituri decente, mediu de lucru incitant, şefi apropiaţi oamenilor). Dar pentru asta mai este puţin de lucru!

Attila-Mihaly Balazs Software Panther @ Synapp.io
Interview with Peter Lawrey high performance systems in Java

Hello, everybody! This is Attila for Today Soft Mag and today I have with me Peter Lawrey. Peter thank you for agreeing to this interview and we will talk about Java performance. Could you please introduce yourself? [Peter] Yes, my name is Peter Lawrey, I am a Java consultant in the low latency space. I have a popular blog called “Vanilla Java” which gets about 120 000 hits / month; I also have a library called Chronicle which is for low latency persistence IPC and data store and also I’m third on StackOverflow for Java.

Florian Ivan Managing Partner, PMI-ACP, CSM, PMP, Prince2 Practitioner, MVP, MCTS
@Rolf Consulting Germany
The high price of lean software developement

I think I’ve always been a big fan of lean philosophy. Even back when I didn’t know about it or its name for that matter. And not because it looked fancy but probably because I always knew it felt natural. I must be one of those people who think the world keeps moving even when we’re pausing. Lean is all about movement. It starts with accepting that regardless of your area of practice you cannot stay still. And not because some marketing reason like „competition never sleeps” or tehnical pressure to be up to date. It is in our nature to evolve so we might as well do it in a controlled environment. It is not by accident we call the stillness, lazyness!

Romania, the ugly duckling of the software outsourcing lake

The ‘90s have been dominated in Europe by the aftermath of the fall of the iron curtain. Eastern-European markets, which had been marked by the principles of the planned economy, were opened towards capitalism. Then a chaotic increase ensued, which left no industry untouched. Some mammoths, such as metallurgy, steel industry and mining, fall into the category of losers; however, a new species started developing, distinguishing itself among the winners, namely the information technology in general and software development in particular.

Radu Vunvulea Solution Architect
Hadoop (III)

In the former issues, we discovered the world formed by Hadoop, a world in which 100GB or 500GB files are something ordinary. This allows us to do things we weren’t able to do before. When? The data our company collects can become a gold mine. As we are able to process huge amounts of data, we can visualize the data in a way that was not possible until now.

Mihai Maruseac IxNovation
Functional Programming in Haskell (III)

In the last article we offered a short review of Haskell types, both the existing ones and the ones which can be defined by the programmer. We continue to uncover features of this language in this article by giving a short insight into another type system characteristic: the special way in which polymorphism is implemented in Haskell: typeclasses. Though the notions of class and polymorphism bring into mind the object oriented programming, remember that Haskell is different.

Antonia Onaca de aproape 10 ani trainer, psiholog, consultant sub formă de antreprenor, intraprenor și antreprenor din nou
fresh … ideas!

Experience is good as long as you need to solve problems that you already solved once. Experience, unfortunately, is un-good when you’re faced with new problems or you need new solutions. Why? The human mind is simple. This is great as long as you need to act fast and be efficient. We know, however, that today we need more than quick and easy.

Simona Bonghez Managing Partner @ Colors in Projects
It’s time for vacation…

Gogu saw Chief entering the office and swallowed his line. Misu, with his back to the door, didn’t notice the movement and without any comment from Gogu, concluded:
- So you think that being boss went to his head?!
- Who are you talking about?! asked Chief. Hello, Chief to Misu, reception! He insisted towards a stiff Misu; only his narrowed eyes looking at Gogu were silently screaming for help. However Gogu ignored him and, looking at Chief, put another log on the fire:


TSM’s participation in ICT Spring Europe 2013, event that took place last month in Luxembourg, was a unique experience. There were 3300 participants from Europe, America and Asia. Among the most important guests, there was Jimmy Walles, the founder of Wikipedia, who talked about what the power of information means, when we deal with a global knowledge library: Wikipedia. Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts

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