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Larisa Gota QA Engineer
Delivering successful mobile apps

I’ve been wondering lately what it means to create/deliver a successful mobile app. Competition in the app business today is so fierce, you have to develop/deliver no less than the possible best and most fluid app ever to stay in the game. I’ve been a SQA engineer in the mobile world for 4 years now, so for me delivering great apps is really important. Since you won’t find a recipe for success in just one article I’m going to share with you my findings and personal experiences, to help you build your best app yet.

Vlad Zeciu Senior QA Engineer
Testing in the Cloud

Nowadays everyone talks about the Cloud, how to move IT activities into Cloud, how to gain time and money using advantages offered by the Cloud. So, what exactly is this Cloud and who takes care of it so everything goes fine inside of it? A short definition: “The cloud is a complex mechanism made from a suite of software and hardware services configured based on client needs.” Services offered by the Cloud are split into two main categories: SaaS and IaaS

Radu Olaru Senior Software Developer
HTML5 - WebAudio API

These recent years have shown us that online applications push forward and forward the web limits. We might have all been edgy about web applications at some point. We hoped that at some point the world will calm down and see that the web cannot sustain complex applications and the whole Universe would return to normal. Big applications are for the desktop and web applications are just dreams of some Google enthusiasts. But then almost out of nowhere HTML5 arose. And HTML5 revolutionized not just the web of the big business applications, but also it opened wide the gates of multimedia applications on the web – especially games.

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Radu Popescu QA and Web designer
SEO QA - latest Google algorithm updates

In the last years, Google enacted a number of changes to their search algorithms. In 2012 there were at least two updates every month and this had a devastating effect on a lot of websites. The controversial Penguin and Panda updates delisted even websites with good and useful content. Today’s SEO doesn’t depend only on content optimization and link building but on other, recently relevant, factors like user experience or social media presence. We need to be always informed, to keep up with Google’s updates. Let’s look now at the most important algorithm updates of the last year and a half and how it changed Internet the search.

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Eugen Otavă Release Manager
Quality Management - Recommended Practices for Quality Software Delivery

Current dynamics of the software development industry is a real challenge for quality assurance. This is due to being orientated towards rapid and frequent delivery of applications (in the context in which their degree of complexity has increased), to the large number of end users and to their increasing expectations, to the different operating environments. We mentioned the growing expectations of customers, and we believe that there is no secret that they want increased quality for the offered products, rapid changes to them, personalized services and easy maintenance, integrated systems and, of course, delivery at prices as small as possible, preferably immediately.


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