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How can we promote and raise funds for a non profits organizations

A non-profit organization (NPO) requires as much work and dedication as any other business, but with only a fraction of the budget of a business. NPOs who are working with small budgets can certainly use the online medium to promote their campaigns with limited resources. Besides promotion, fundraising is easier and faster also. In this article we presented some ways NPOs can raise funds.

SmartWebConf 2013

On September 24 took place in Bucharest, at the elegant JW Marriott Grand Hotel, the first edition of SmartWeb conference 2013, an event dedicated to web-designers in Romania and Eastern Europe, where Software Magazine Today magazine was one of the media partners. The presentations from the conference covered a wide range of subjects like Responsive Web Design, HTML5/CSS3 and best practices or tips and tricks. Since it was an international event, the entire conference was conducted in English.

In search of the perfect domain

The purpose of this article is to assist those who wish to buy a web domain, giving them useful information to find the perfect name. Choosing a domain name is one of the important steps in creating an online presence. At this point it is becoming increasingly difficult to find domain which are free and match your expectations. The domain name has an important role when people discover, manage to remember, thinking or talking about a website. Imagination and some strategies presented in this article also contributed to finding a good domain name

Local SEO through Google+

About 40% of Google’s mobile search is local. Given this figure, there is a great potential to increase the number of local customers by local SEO. With Google+ for Business companies can increase their online visibility in the geographical area in which they operate. Google+ for Business is a free tool offered by Google, which targets small and medium businesses.

SEO - Improving CTR with Rich Snippets?

Formatting and adjusting the SERPS results can be done by any site owner thought Rich Snippets (an internal SEO technique). One of the most important advantages it can bring to a website is the growth of organic traffic by making the result stand out from the crowd. First we need to understand what Rich Snippets are.

Internal SEO techniques part II

We are going to continue the last article where we talked about some of the most important internal SEO techniques. In this second article we are going to talk about how an HTML5 interface can help us, about blocking pages from indexation and internal links. We are hoping that these two articles will create a small SEO guide, for internal optimization, that any site owner can use to improve his results on search engines.

Internal SEO techniques part I

In the previous issue we saw the most important changes in Google’s search algorithms. In the current issue we decided to write an article to present some of the most important techniques of search engine optimization, applicable in the area of internal SEO. These techniques, although easy to apply, offer very good results in long term – concerning the increase of the organic traffic.

SEO QA - latest Google algorithm updates

In the last years, Google enacted a number of changes to their search algorithms. In 2012 there were at least two updates every month and this had a devastating effect on a lot of websites. The controversial Penguin and Panda updates delisted even websites with good and useful content. Today’s SEO doesn’t depend only on content optimization and link building but on other, recently relevant, factors like user experience or social media presence. We need to be always informed, to keep up with Google’s updates. Let’s look now at the most important algorithm updates of the last year and a half and how it changed Internet the search.

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