Ioana Costea Expert bookkeeper Managing Partner @ A&I Consulting
Taxes on buildings – what to expect in 2016?

According to the Tax Code, as of 2016, with some exceptions, any person who owns a building located in Romania shall be required to pay an annual tax for that building. The approval of the New Tax Code will radically change the real estate property tax system, mostly affecting natural persons who own non-residential buildings used for business purposes, namely commercial premises or offices.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine

Robin Molnar QA Consultant @ NTT DATA Romania
Cluj IT Days 2015

Cluj IT Days 2015 has become a reference event for the IT community in Cluj. We had more than 320 participants who, during the two days, were able to attend high quality technical presentations and prove our innovation capacity, but also that of integrating the latest technologies in our current projects. For this review article, we have decided to publish the article posted by Robin Morar on his blog, article which we have discovered by chance, after the event.


Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
IT News

We are hereby launching the column of news in our industry. It will contain a series of global, but also local news. The news can be signaled right to: news@todaysoftmag.com.

George Rus Software Developer @ Yardi România

Daniela Fati Software Developer @ Yardi România
Human-Computer Interaction: Real-Time Web-Chat Using LeapMotion and SignalR

In a world of technology and smart devices, communication should be treated as a key factor and new ways of human – computer interaction should be considered besides traditional ones. The aim of this article is to illustrate the idea of using alternative ways of interaction with the computer in accordance with current available and affordable technologies. The proposal will be exemplified by a real-time web chat application that will be built using *ASP.NET MVC* and *SignalR* and will receive input from a virtual keyboard controlled by a *Leap Motion Controller*.

Leonard Pitu Senior Key Expert/Research Engineer @CT RTC ELE ELD-RO @ Siemens
IoT: from device to cloud

Digital security has been and still is a controversial subject. Needed but extremely difficult to implement, digital security is a major challenge to both customers and manufacturers of IT equipment used in connecting industrial automation systems. Over the years, the evolution was tremendous, starting from a niche research field up to what we call a „mainstream” technology.

Adrian Ulici Software Engineer @3Pillar Global
ECMAScript 6 - why and how to use it today

For those of you who haven’t heard of ECMAScript, simply put, ECMAScript is the standard which defines the programming language which we popularly know as JavaScript. The previous edition of the standard, ECMAScript 5, was released at the end of 2009, with significant improvements to the language, but it was still lacking some important features. ECMAScript 6 (ES6), on the other hand, has finally introduced features developers were waiting for years. Actually, the official name is ECMAScript 2015, but it seems that in the community ES6 is still the version that most people recognize (at least for now).

Vasile Selegean Software Quality Engineer @ NTT DATA Romania
Quality Assurance 101

In an article here on TSM, earlier this year, I have tried to explain what Quality Assurance is and how it fits into an agile environment. Today I will move forward and describe the first steps in defining and implementing a Quality Management process in a software development project, be it agile or not.

Georgiana Gligor Owner @Tekkie Consulting
Zero to RESTful in 4 easy steps

Developing applications professionally on the LAMP stack imposes use of modern frameworks. They standardize the way we work by using a predictable code and file organization, come prepackaged with basic utilities and libraries. Moreover, frameworks address security concerns at the core of the software, are a key factor in teamwork by enforcing code standards and easier onboarding of teammates. Last but not least, they are backed by fantastic communities, and make us more efficient by helping focus on the functionality of our project.

Echipa Steelcase @ Steelcase
Seven Myths About Work That Are Bad for Your Brain

Near-constant distractions have become the norm in workplaces around the world. Workers are struggling to get more done and focus harder with little understanding of what attention is or how to attain or manage it productively. Steelcase research revealed seven myths (and their truths) about how to manage your attention at work.

Ana-Maria Vuscan PR & Customer Care Specialist @ Azimut Happy Employees
Challenges for companies in 2016

A new year is always regarded as an opportunity to do things better and to evolve. 2016 could also be an ideal year for the growth of our company, if we manage to properly tackle the challenges in store. Before we start talking about next year’s specifics though, let’s review the general context our world is currently facing:


At the end of the year, we conclude by a short review of our activity throughout the year 2015. We are glad to notice that the popularity of our magazine is increasing, as it is proven by the release events, attended by more and more people. The number of online views is over 12.000 sessions per month. Moreover, the interest has increased also form the part of the programmers, who send their article proposals.

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