Ana-Maria Vuscan

Ana-Maria Vuscan

PR & Customer Care Specialist @ Azimut Happy Employees

I wish you good health for the New Year!

The beginning of the year and various other occasions mark the opportunity to wish each other good health. Health is most important for many of us. So, why wouldn’t it be important for the business environment as well? Why shouldn’t our organizations also aspire to good health? This is even more relevant since we spend more than a third of our day (out of the time we are awake) at work; and, let’s face it, our involvement with our work goes beyond working hours, stretching in our free time as well. Since the organizations we work for occupy such a great deal of our time, I cannot imagine any HR person, any team lead, any manager or person who wouldn’t like to work in a healthy organization. I think we can all guess the answer to this one.

Challenges for companies in 2016

A new year is always regarded as an opportunity to do things better and to evolve. 2016 could also be an ideal year for the growth of our company, if we manage to properly tackle the challenges in store. Before we start talking about next year’s specifics though, let’s review the general context our world is currently facing:

Imagination + Involvement + LEGO bricks = mutual help

”What can you build using only LEGO bricks?” was a challenge we launched a few weeks ago. We were courious what can be built using LEGOs, and your imagination and involvement really took us by surprise. We’d really like to thank you for that! This also confirms the fact that adults really do enjoy playing, and that they can be quite creative. This is illustrated in an album on our Facebook page which contains all of your creations. Here you will also be able to find those creations which have been declared the winners of this challenge (Facebook/azimut.teambuilding).

How can we communicate effectively with our colleagues?

It would be simple if people, just like any gadget, would come with an instruction manual which could tell us how to approach them and how to interact with them. Sadly, or luckily, we know that this will never happen, which only adds more mystery to a person. In regards to communication though, there is a solution we can approach: behavioral styles. Each person's character can be attributed to one of these styles, so it is really important for us to know what to expect and how to best communicate with that person.

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Each and every one of us wants "more/to have it better", regardless if we're talking about ourselves as individuals or as an organization. But what pleases us actually? What renders us entirely satisfied, motivated and willing to remain in the same organization for years on end? Right now, employees have a tendency to switch companies easily, in order "to have it better". But let's find out what this somewhat ambiguous phrase means to an employee: is it a higher pay?




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