Dan Mocan Delivery Assurance Manager @ Betfair
Size matters – one size does not fit all

How managing large projects differs from the projects that are spun up in general in IT companies. There are 5 angles that need to be considered when talking about different project sizes and we are going to dive in each of them. I will gladly share the challenges I've met while leading a large project for the first time. The project I refer to is a migration of 300 components to a new platform, which spans over 16 months, which involves 30+ development teams, and which costs >9 M.

Robert Mălai Engineering Manager @ 3Pillar Global
How not to use Docker

Besides the official Docker documentation, there are several good sources on the Internet where you can read about how to kick-start your dockerized environment on your project, including Stack Overflow Docker tag, official Docker images for MySQL, and Postgres. Unfortunately, there aren't so many places where one can read about the failures in setting up Docker in various common use cases. You may wonder "why would anyone be interested in such a thing?" I think the value of such stories lies in the fact that we discover how such solutions work by trial and error, many times - pretty much the same method applied by a 2nd grader. Do you find yourself in a similar situation? You probably do, so the ideas from here will bear some value to you.


Alin Pandichi Software developer, Speaker & Trainer @ Mozaic Works

It's time to be honest with ourselves and admit that we do not treat our frontend code the same way we treat our backend code, and this shows. When we talk about our code, we talk about applying the rules of clean code, about keeping it simple, about writing unit tests. Yet, when it comes to writing our frontend code, we knowingly skip all those rules that we usually self-impose.

Dan Suciu Lecturer, PhD @ Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, UBB
Agile and change management

Change represents the focal point of various studies, books, articles and conferences from all fields of inquiry. Undoubtedly, our personal and professional life is more dynamic than ever, being filled with unforeseeable challenges day by day. The world around us changes at a high rate as part of (mega)- and (mini) revolutions across several walks of life. Agile is also about change, more precisely about the changes that teams have to deal with. Agile values and principles focus on the benefits and speed of change. Agile represents a major change, both for the teams which want to implement a particular Agile methodology and for the ones which are constantly evolving.

Petra Ivașcu Software developer @ Halcyon Mobile
Brand Monitoring for Modern Social Media

The brisk rise of modern social media led to the development of tracking tools, which have as unique purpose the monitoring of the written content published on social networks sites. These software products become inefficient when they are applied on tasks which are rich in visual content, with too little or inconsequential written information.

Lóránd Gombos Senior Software Developer @ AROBS Transilvania Software
Laravel is still the future of php

4 years ago I was getting ready for a presentation about Cake PHP, one which I had to deliver to colleagues. I had prepared an entire documentation when I got into Laravel. It immediately gained my attention, so I began making my research intensely. After I got through a dense documentation set, I discovered that Google trends was already talking about Laravel. According to the trends, Laravel was the last, with Yii, Zend Framework, Codeigniter and Cake PHP, above it. The image below could be seen in my presentation 4 years ago.

Dan Sabadis Team Lead @ SDL
About the IT Recruitment process

The main focus in the IT recruitment process goes towards finding the people with the best technological (and abstract reasoning) skills. Rightfully so, these technical capabilities are THE necessary prerequisite for any good employment in our industry. At the same time, the big employers are also oriented, in their hiring strategy, towards searching and matching the best "characters" to a particular advertised position. This is understandable as the big companies are more stable than the start-ups, so the large organizations will invariably put more emphasis on long-time stability than on short-term outstanding results. That's why the corporate hiring staff usually has two main approaches.

Mădălina Nastasa Sales Development Representative @ Azimut Happy Employees
All ye faithful

24th of December 1914, the Western front during World War I - the German and the British troops vanquish one another in a bloody fight, suffering heavy losses on both sides. Suddenly, the German soldiers, who are hidden in trenches, hear Christian carols from the other side of the field and notice little lights that they soon recognize as candles for Christmas prayers. To the shock and awe of the British side, some of the bolder German soldiers cross the battle field and join in the singing and prayers. The German wish the British a Merry Christmas in English. They were unarmed and did not have any military intentions. The same troops that had hunted down one another, killing and hurting whomever, now shake hands and celebrate the birth of Jesus together, on the battle field.

Java Community @ PitechPlus
Innovative solution for car lease sharing B2B & B2C

Making vehicles available to people who do not have access to this service is an idea which has been gaining momentum in Europe, ever since 1987. It was then that people started reevaluating the actual costs of owning a vehicle, compared to the actual time the vehicle is used, an approximate 8 days per year.  The car sharing market is available in more than 1000 cities, the following cities being representatives for Europe: Berlin, Munich and Vienna. We believe technology and innovation can improve the quality of life, and this vision permeates the projects we developed. Distributed mobility services do not bring benefits cost-wise, but they diminish the negative impact of personal cars on the environment. 

Alina Borbély Embedded QA Consultant @ NTT Data Romania
The psychological profile of the automotive tester

We are continuously innovating and changing the auto field. If, until 10 years ago, a full test cycle for a software product for the auto industry took 2 years, the test period is now considerably reduced in view of an ever-growing market and of fierce competition. We have more and more electronic equipment in our car, the auto autonomy is greater and greater, and the development and testing time is more and more reduced. Given all these aspects, how do we choose our staff, how do we select testers? How do we ensure that we deliver high-quality products?


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