Laura Vaida Product Owner @ Betfair
The Emergence of Big Data in New Product Development

Big data seems to be on everyone’s mind nowadays. As a product person myself, I know that good product managers have always been data driven. However, what we witness today is an explosion of endless tools and methodologies that depending on how they are used can either make or break a future product. A growing number of product managers are struggling with this abundance of data that generates more “noise” rather than better clarifying analysis and decisions. It’s a known fact that 96% of all innovations fail to return their cost of capital (Deloitte). In this context, it is almost a no brainer that smart companies should change the way they are managing new product development. Several studies have demonstrated that those companies that manage to determine their customers’ needs and then innovate to meet them are much more profitable overall than companies who are not customer-centric.

Victor Bodnar QlikView Teamlead @ NTT Data Romania
Big Data Analytics - QlikView

Enabling access and coherent analysis of Big Data can be challenging. Hundreds of millions or billions of rows of data is not something trivial to model and access easily. It’s always the question of how much data can one honestly present in an app that processes it quickly enough to be relevant for analysis. Big Data is the reference term to massive amounts of information. In the last year, we have seen a sharp decline in the price of storage. Storage devices now can carry many terabytes in the same space footprint as a regular hard disk drive. This cost of ownership reduction caused a very sharp incline in the amounts of data that individuals store regarding to production, lifestyle, sales, sports and various other metrics. Such an increase in data storage is a crucial step in conducting more coherent analysis.


Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Agile trends - Interview with Henrik Kniberg

We talked with Henrik Kniberg about latest Agile approaches, how to consider output value instead of quantity in an Agile project, how to get to a free highway project instead of a stuck one and at the end a nice way to organize you barbecue party. Henrik Kniberg is Owner & Agile/Lean Coach @ Crisp, he was getting a lot of media attention with the Spotify model.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Interview with Jennifer Marsman @ Paris 2017

Jennifer Marsman: We have a number of different Microsoft Artificial Intelligence products kind of spread throughout the whole company. We kind of meet people where they are in terms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. So for example, we have something called The Cognitive Services, and those are pre-trained models that you can just call and they do very common Artificial Intelligence tasks such as facial detection (like recognizing my face is right here) and facial verification (recognizing that I am Jennifer Marsman) and emotion recognition and text analytics (being able to detect the sentiment text, and what language it is, and automatic machine translation and the key topic extractions, if you’d like support logs, figuring out the main points in them) and all sorts of things like that. So there are these common tasks that everyone is doing over and over again. We have great pre-trained models where you can essentially just call them via the REST API call then get a bunch of data back.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Interview with Arie van Bennekum - about Agile Manifesto

Ovidiu Mățan: Agile manifesto is one of the important aspects in building modern software and you are one of its founders. Could you describe what the context was back in 2001 when you and the rest of the group wrote it? What is the origin of its name?
Arie van Bennekum: I can just speak for myself, not for others. I consciously started consciously working in a different way in 1994. It was a very specific choice. I did not understand my value as technical designer, and wanted to change bureaucracy and improve on business value. Right from the start, I became very active in the community of best practices. It was one of these communities, the DSDM Consortium in the UK that I represented in Salt Lake.

Diana Ciorba Marketing Manager

Diana Ciorba:What triggered your interest for robotics? How did it start?
Hiroshi Ishiguro: When I was in elementary school, I spent most of the time drawing pictures and writing a diary. I used to draw or paint anything that came to my mind, even during class, without listening to my teacher. At that time, I could cultivate a capacity for expressiveness. When in fifth grade, I encountered an unforgettable incident.


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