Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Interview with Danny Goh

Danny is a serial entrepreneur and an early stage investor. He is the Co Founder and COO of Nexus Frontier Tech, an AI research firm to make AI easy to work with organisations by using natural language processing to transform idle information into structured data, enabling them to run better, leaner, and faster. He will be one of the speakers at The Developers conference, 19 April, Cluj-Napoca, cinema Florin Piersic.

Lucian Torje Senior Java Developer @ Siemens
Java Performance: Tools

The goal of this article is to provide an insight into the most used java performance tools. Like any tool, its usefulness depends on its usage and on the skills of the persons using it. We used the Spring Pet clinic application during the tests, since Spring MVC & Boot is the most used web framework according to ZeroTurnaround’s Java Tools and Technologies Landscape 2016.


Raluca Grigoriu Associate Software Engineer @ Telenav
Destination: QML

Many of us are searching for something. We are engaged in an infinite journey for which it is very hard to set a destination, but maybe this journey doesn’t need an end, it just needs passion along the way. Travelling throught the programming languages is not easy because we encounter many adventurous waypoints along the road. Sometimes, these waypoints represent an obstacle in our way or the view they offer is dissapointing, but it is those that fascinate us throught their simplicity and beauty that keep us going.

Anca Tichy Talent Engagement Partner @ 3Pillar Global

Ioan Ciorneschi Engineering Manager @ 3Pillar Global
Can attitude predict performance?

A colleague (who is more thorough than I am) told me to how many technical interviews he attended in 2016. It was a big, but irrelevant number, which made me ponder about the power and responsibility people have when they JUDGE a person. Scared of how curt and terse « to judge » actually sounds, I applied the corporate filter and I decided to use “to evaluate” instead. It does not come off so strong. The evaluation process entails a person’s ability to be objective, while judgment seems godly and somehow final!

George Bara Co-founder
@ZA Cloud
TrustServista - A product that promises to stop the fake news phenomena, built in Cluj and financed by Google

Fake News is a term that made its way into common vocabulary only recently, starting with the US presidential elections. This is a phenomenon that was mostly known through click bait articles that were rapidly “viralised” on social media. Fake news gained notoriety only when its global impact was acknowledged by the bosses of IT giants like Google and Facebook, who admitted, for the first time ever, that this kind of news has the power to influence democratic elections.

Bogdan Gliga Associate Software Engineer @ Telenav
Detecting Roads from Aerial Images using Deep Learning

In recent years, Deep Neural Networks have been used to generate state-of-the-art results in numerous sub-fields of computer vision. This category of algorithms can be used to extract substantial amount of information from many types of imagery. Our work is focuses on training a neural network to accurately detect roads, by analyzing tens of thousands of satellite images. In the mapping industry, having very detailed and accurate maps is of crucial importance in order to be able to build high-quality and precise routing applications. The first step towards achieving this goal is detecting all the roads in a certain area. Every other piece of traffic-relevant map information, such as turn restrictions or speed limits, depends on knowing the underlying road network.

Flaviu Nistor Hardware Development Engineer @ Continental Sibiu

Dan Colceriu Hardware Development Engineer @ Continental Sibiu
Automotive ENET Interface Broadcast

It’s already been a while since the idea of an Ethernet implementation in automotive has been launched. During this time, the recipe improved, the “cookie” baked and it is now ready to be served. Therefore, to have a corect impression of the “taste”, some helpful details are in order. Nowadays, a high-end car can contain easily over a hundred ECU’s and you can imagine that the flashed software went beyond the GBytes threshold.

Erika Kramarik Marketing manager @ Cartea Daliei
Teaching kids how to code

Out of all IT employees in Cluj-Napoca, 40 people from five companies stand out with a more unusual routine. Once a week, for an hour, they volunteer to coordinate coding clubs for five classes of 4th graders in local schools. With the help of Scratch, the students learn about algorithms in a friendly environment. They learn how to animate characters and create small games. All the clubs have the same purpose: to prepare the students for a labor market that is becoming more digitalized.

Mircea Pătraș Embedded C Software Engineer @ AROBS Transilvania Software
Embedded World – the land of technology

A fantastic experience for ordinary people and an unforgettable one for those passionate about technology. After a visit to the famous exhibition Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg, entirely dedicated to the embedded domain, anyone will have something to tell their friends and most of the people will wish to come back again. Exploring so many booths enchants your eyes more than Disney Land. Your knowledge desire is fed same way a LAROUSSE encyclopedia does to you.

Mircea Vădan
Startups - April

Another edition of CodeCamp Cluj has just finished. In the "track" for startups and software products we had topics like: switching from outsourcing product development, product metrics and measuring them, user acquisition channels and existing accelerator programs. I feel that we are beginning the upslope, when talking about startups is not only interesting for the community of startups, but also for many other people in IT companies.


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