Issue 41

Imagination + Involvement + LEGO bricks = mutual help

Ana-Maria Vuscan
PR & Customer Care Specialist @ Azimut Happy Employees


"What can you build using only LEGO bricks?" was a challenge we launched a few weeks ago. We were courious what can be built using LEGOs, and your imagination and involvement really took us by surprise. We'd really like to thank you for that! This also confirms the fact that adults really do enjoy playing, and that they can be quite creative. This is illustrated in an album on our Facebook page which contains all of your creations. Here you will also be able to find those creations which have been declared the winners of this challenge (Facebook/azimut.teambuilding). Worth mentioning is also the fact that all of these creations were made in a very short time, participants not having been made aware prior that we would ask them to build something. So, of course, we're wondering what results we would get if participants were allowed to conduct this activity in an organized, controlled environment where there is plenty of time, and, most importantly they are presented with a clear objective!

Take one part imagination...

What do you imagine that the purpose of this activity was? First off, we were quite keen to see how creative adults could be. Secondly, we wanted to get them involved in a relaxing activity that would improve their creativity. Lastly, the purpose of this campaign was to see if such activities can trigger responses and results that can be a benefit to not only the person involved, but also to the ones around him. Having met throusands of participants during our teambuilding and training programs over the years who managed to surprise us with the innovative solutions they came up during these activities, we started to wonder if we could take this to the next level, making it would be possible to have a bigger and long-term impact. We managed to create a new program which, based on your immagination, will have community impact. Now, we need your help to start implementing it!

Add a pinch of involvement...

The program we're talking about is called "Toy World" and was created from the desire to help. We've been thinking for a while now about a new program with wide social impact, using the resources at our disposal, and we got the brilliant idea to create a new breed of team building activity, one that involves both teams and the community. So, we'd like to challenge teams to a day of activities in the office, where they will have the chance to test their inventivity by creating LEGO structures. All the bricks used in the construction will be donated to the childcare centers in Cluj-Napoca. We managed to compile a list of centers that were thrilled about our idea, and the companies that will want to get involved will also be able to make suggestions.

Mix everything with a lot of LEGOs...

Why LEGOs? We chose these toys because they offer numerous benefits to both adults and children. What's more, this is a very fun, relaxing, but also challening activity. In case there are people out there who are not aware of the beneficial impact that a few pieces of plastic can bare, we've made a list:

...And finally, we obtain something that is of mutual benefit!

Considering all of the above, we realized that both organizations participating in our teambuilding activities and children would have only to fain from this program. And so the first Azimut Happy Employees teambuilding which includes LEGO based activities was created: Toy World. The program can be held anythime during the year, but considering that December is coming we were thinking that this is a most opportunistic time to do so. The purpose of this program is not to generate any profit, but rather to provide a few smiles and cheer to as many children as possible through the collected LEGO bricks.

We would like to thank you for all your involvement and help! You were instrumental in promoting a project that is very dear to us, and which we hope will bring joy to as many children from Cluj-Napoca as possible. We are eager to see the results of this project and will keep you up to date. If you'd like to know more on this project, or think that the company you work for would like to participate, do not hesitate to contact us!




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