Issue 44

Grow a smart product

Cristina Juc
Organiser @ Startup Weekend Cluj

Tudor Bîrlea
Co-founder@ This is Not a Storm


The product you developed is not selling, even though you have already tried the 100s growth-hacking tips and tricks list. Even Neil Patel's guide only brings you more confusion. It's time for you to face what the real problem is. Instead of learning, experimenting and sometimes failing, you are spending time iterating on meaningless aspects and side features of your product. Meanwhile, someone, somewhere is working way more efficiently on a product similar to or better than yours.

What can you do when you realize that your product can only be as good as you are? Digital Product Masterclass by This is NOT a Storm is the answer to this entrepreneur's dilemma. This is the program that will put you from day one on the right path towards the product you want to build. In less than 30 days you will acquire the necessary tools and context to be able to transform a simple idea into a smart digital product.

Because everything seems easy in theory, and the difficulties arise only during implementation, This is NOT a Storm has designed a new work model, walking through all the necessary steps to be taken towards building a new digital product. The program starts with choosing the right idea to be developed further, and will continue with the first necessary steps for conceiving development, marketing and selling strategies, and other important phases for this endeavor. The information is structured into 7+1 thematic modules.

Each of the modules is designed as a standalone workshop focusing on a certain phase necessary for building a product. Apart from the theory, which is being delivered in an actionable and straightforward way, every workshop has a practical part, enabling participants to understand exactly the way in which the theory works. In addition, every module will have an open panel, with a special guest with expertise in the field that is being discussed on that particular day.

Digital Product Masterclass is developed especially for companies that are looking to cultivate the performance and the innovative spirit of their team members, with the purpose of increasing the company's productivity. Likewise, companies that want to develop new products, or improve their existing ones using a lean approach, with fewer resources, will also benefit from these workshops.

Aside from the theoretical and practical lessons that this project is offering, the attendants will have the chance to develop a full set of important and useful skills required for building a smart digital product. Regardless of their area of expertise, previous startup experience, or the lack of it, having gone through this exercise every participant will acquire important entrepreneurial skills, while actually building a scalable and ready-for-release product, even before the program ends.

Because every product, be it digital or not, should also come in demo version, This is NOT a Storm has prepared a free-of-charge "30 days in 30 minutes" intro workshop, in order for you to be able to find out more details and insights about the program. Apart from a more detailed introduction into the program's workshops, the attendants will have the chance to try some practical experiments, and enjoy other special surprises. Intro to Digital Product Masterclass will take place at the beginning of March.

For more information about the program, news, speakers and the ways you can join, you can visit the event's web page, or on This is NOT a Storm's Facebook page.




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