Issue 56

Organizational Wellbeing

Mădălina Nastasa
Sales Development Representative @ Azimut Happy Employees


With the growth of companies, in terms of employee numbers, and in terms of service quality and complexity, they provide the human factor which has become a prime competitive advantage on the market. Therefore, many companies are facing a stark competition for talent, for educated, creative and dedicated employees. Here's how the wellbeing of these colleagues becomes a priority in business...and not only for HR!

Why is organizational wellbeing important?

Come to think of it, an active adult spends a quarter, if not a third of their awake time at work. Thus, a great part of their life satisfaction directly depends on their work conditions and its specifics. Obviously, the same theory goes the other way round: the unhappier and more frustrated one is at work, the more the quality of life decreases by a considerable amount.

A study run by Gallup on 5 000 employees proves that individual wellbeing now produces long-term effects on the organization, in year 1 and 2 after the investments, in terms of enhanced engagement at the workplace. These individuals tend to see their workplace as positive, productive and engaging. Moreover, managers will collect the results stemmed from investments in wellbeing in terms of an open organizational culture that challenges and engages employees and will, most definitely, keep them loyal to their company.

After having processed an immense quantity of data, Gallup brings forward 5 universal elements of wellbeing that transcend both countries and cultures. For each of these elements I added one or two suggestions that may be applied in companies:

A. Career wellbeing - how you spend your time or how much you enjoy your job

B. Social wellbeing - strong healthy relationships and love in their life

C. Financial wellbeing - effectively managing their economic life

D. Physical wellbeing - the good health and necessary energy to get things done every day

E. Community wellbeing - a sense of engagement with the area we live in

The vast majority studies now show us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that a workplace where wellbeing is a priority is beneficial for everybody: for the management, in terms of profit, for productivity and employee retention, and for the employees in terms of life satisfaction, loyalty and personal satisfaction at work.

To this end, Azimut Happy Employees organizes an event that goes beyond the classic conferences - Zoom In! We are waiting for you at The Office on 27th April to specifically discuss about wellbeing at work.

Get ready with your work stories and your questions, our speakers are waiting for you!



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