Issue 58

Editorial no. 58

Ovidiu Mățan
Founder @ Today Software Magazine


I am pleased to announce that the launch of the current issue will be held in Paris, on the 12th of April 2017. You might have read about this in our newsletter which we send before every monthly launch or on the launch day itslef. This event is organized together with the Romanian-IT association whose founders are headquartered in Paris. The organization facilitates a network between Romanian IT passionates located in Romania or abroad. You can find out more details about this in the interview we had with Valentin Maior, co-founder of Romanian IT, in Cluj. It was during this interview that we set up the launch plan for the current issue.

I am also pleased to announce that, at the end of May 2017, we will launch an issue in Târgu-Mureș, and that, we will be in Bucharest in June. This comes on top of our regular events in Cluj where the conference rooms are starting to become too small because of the large number of attendees.

This issue features three exclusive interviews. One interviewee is Arie van Bennekum, creator of the Agile Manifesto. He imparts his views on how the Agile methodology evolved and how it came about. Our next interviewee, prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro talks about the human-like robots he builds, the Geminoid type, highlighting the connection that can be established between robots and humans. Our last interviewee is Vlad Mihalcea, a Java specialist who works remotely for a renowned company and who has recently published his book, High-Performance Java Persistence.

This issue's topic, Big Data and Products, is addressed in the following papers: Un univers integrat în Big Data - which presents an overview of the impact Big Data currently has; Big Data Analytics - QlikView - which presents a QlikView analysis sample used in visualizing and modeling big data sets. We further invite you to read Java Performance: Tools, an extremely useful analysis of the main applications used to monitor the JVM from a performance point of view. The end of the data provides a synoptic table. Automotive ENET Interface Broadcast is a technical paper focusing on automotive where you can read more about how data communicates in the case of top cars. Our product-related papers are: The Product Manager and Product Owner Roles - an analysis of how these two roles serve the team.




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