Issue 15

The Trilulilu Team from Cluj has Launched a Revolutionary National Service

Călin Biriș
Marketing manager


The way in which we listen to music has enormously changed over the last 15 years, from audio tapes and the well-known walkmans, to audio CDs and mp3, up to the iPods with thousands of songs. Nowadays, if you have internet access and a mobile phone, you can listen to millions of songs, anywhere and at any time. This is due to the evolution of onlines and smartphones which have opened a new horizon towards collaborative consumership.

The team which had developed the well-known trilulilu.ro platform, launched in October 2012 the music service called Zonga. It offers its users access to over 19 millions songs on mobile, PC and tablet, through the online platform zonga.ro and some dedicated applications for Android, iOS and desktop. Zonga revolutionizes the manner in which the Romanians listen to music, providing them with a legal alternative to piracy and service functionalities which make life easier:

  • Synchronization of music, playlists and favorites among all the Zonga devices and applications;
  • Real time updating of the musical content, along with the new musical launches on the market;
  • Offering personalized suggestions of songs, albums and artists, according to the user"s activity;
  • Social section, where one can follow the musical activity of friends who are using Zonga.

The completion of such a service took more than 2 years, from the idea phase up to its official launching. In this project, the most important international and local record labels are involved, as well as the mobile phones operator, Vodafone. These partnerships helped the project to materialize, grow and have put it in open view. The development strategy was to enter the market with a good product which would then be continuously improved in accordance with the customers" feedback and the project vision. It"s almost one year now since the launching moment and all applications have received major updates, which are more stable, faster and easier to use. Soon, the application for Windows Phone will be launched, too.

The challenges of the project were to bring together the legal content of the biggest record labels, in a moment when the online music piracy is flourishing, to have an important mobile phone operator as a partner, to develop the best music applications on the market, to launch an unsurpassed offer and to reach the targeted audience.

In 2013, Zonga has won 5 awards for mobile music applications, and at the moment, there are over one million auditions a month from the Zonga applications.

All these have been accomplished by the Trilulilu team from Cluj, which continues to prove that we have an important IT center here, where national or international level services can be developed.




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