Teodor Olteanu

Teodor Olteanu

End User Computing Lead @Betfair

What passwords do when no one is watching

In this article, I will describe the typical mistakes that can lead to some serious security issues and also the proper solutions that allow us to defend against this kind of threats. If you care about security in Windows, this article is for you! Of course there are more than 5 common mistakes…but if you start to think about all of these shown in this article, your network will become significantly more secure! The reasons of these mistakes are very typical: lack of time, lack of monitoring systems, lack of knowledge. Often, common mistakes are very serious and can lead to some serious security breaches. Nobody likes when the passwords of your users are being cracked, right?


I took part this year, for the first time, in the Startup Weekend Cluj. And not just like that, I went there prepared to present my own idea. At the first pitch, this idea was called TaskList, but by the end of the event it had changed into Do It For. I started with the idea of a site on which you could externalize those tasks you don’t know, cannot or don’t want to do yourself. I was thinking about cleaning, laundry washing, cooking, queuing, car washing, etc.

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