Cristian Șerban

Cristian Șerban

Application Security @Betfair

Computer skills to cheat

Over 10 years ago, a one day security conference was organized at my university. I wanted to participate, but there were limited places, so they created a registration page which, they said, would open next day at 12 o’clock sharp. I really wanted to participate and especially as they advertised a free T-shirt for the first 20 registrations. Being a pretty good developer at that time, I took a look at the site, found a vulnerability and managed to register myself before the registration opened officially. The next day, I show up to the conference entrance, I say my name, the guy checks me out on the list, I take a quick snoop and I see myself on top of the list, next to my name it says registration time 11:58. I smile :) He says “ahhh... you’re the one... how did you do that??” I ask: do I get a T-shirt ? He says no, you get something better and later he awards me publicly a book: Writing secure code by Michael Howard si David LeBlanc. I started wondering why he is giving me the book, he needs that book more than me! He needs to learn how to write secure code! not me!

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