Ovidiu Dolha

Ovidiu Dolha

Requirements engineer @ISDC

Continuous improvement taken seriously

Informatics and Computer Science academic programs in Romania often include courses like software engineering, software analysis and design, and project management. Despite the initial attractive appearance of these courses, students frequently become slightly disappointed in the end, or at least compared to other courses (e.g. programming languages, hardware, even physics, mathematics), the lectures are seen less interesting or useful. In reality, it’s not about the intrinsic lack that students have about these topics.

Big Data & Analytics in modern applications

Looking at the last twenty years, we are confronted with what scientists call the Law of Accelerated Returns. Basically, technological transformation and innovation of these past twenty years represent the output of the previous two thousand years combined. Specifically, the tech industry has undergone fundamental shifts in the way software is built, delivered and, at last, experienced by ordinary Joe – the consumer. From batch jobs to applications running on PC’s and then web-based and mobile apps, such disruptions involve significant changes in hardware coupled with new kinds of applications.

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