Daniela Crișan

Daniela Crișan

Senior Tester @ISDC

Case study of Test Automation

As applications and systems grow larger and more complex, test automation is moving beyond a luxury and becoming a necessity for them. As technology changes, testing must also change and adapt. So start small, by using different approaches on a small scale to see what works best before attempting to spread further. Successful test automation needs both ingenuity and perseverance. What are the main factors that contribute to success in test automation? What common factors most often lead to the failure of an automation effort?

The portrait of a good tester

It all starts with the passion to succeed… Becoming a good tester does not mean reaching a destination, but rather being on a constant journey into new territories. It is important to build the right skills that will provide us with the understanding of how to approach software testing. These skills help us build credibility and gain the respect of other professionals involved in software development. With a strong foundation of skills we have a better chance of succeeding in what we do: we will be able to provide better quality which leads to better products and in the end, to happier customers and users.

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