Ovidiu Şuta

Ovidiu Şuta

QA & Bid Manager @ISDC

I know Scrum, Kanban and a few other Agile words

I’ve been working in IT for the past 10 years now and it has definitely been both fun and a challenge to observe (and sometimes follow) the trends in terms of Methodologies in our industry. By definition, the IT industry involves a creative process, although the terms of “Factory house” and a few others exist, primarily we are talking about an industry that is not focused on a “production” factory type setting with repetitive work, but rather a creative one where finding some sort of standards in terms of how we work has been a struggle from the beginning.

What’s wrong with the Romanian IT Industry?

The development and direction of the Romanian IT industry - Cluj Napoca in particular - has always been an attractive topic for me. I am the kind of person who always looks for the bigger picture; I try to understand the system or mechanism, how it “operates”, and then tweak it a bit. Just to get an idea in the 1900’s the average lifespan of a company was 80 years, in the 1950’s the average dropped to 50 years and in 2011 that reduced to a merely 8 years. This shows the increasing volatility of the global market and the fact that companies need to make adjustments very fast in order to survive the rapid changes in the environment they live in.

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