Echipa Cluj IT Cluster Echipa Cluj IT Cluster
Cluj IT Cluster

Recognized for its tradition in higher technical education and currently a major IT center in the region, Cluj has a favorable environment for the organic emergence of an innovative cluster. As cluster initiatives are considered an engine for the regional development and innovation, the recently formed CLUJ IT cluster is getting a lot of attention from the local IT community as well as from the local and national authorities.

Florin Pîrlea General director
@Gemini Solutions
Cultural projects initiated by an IT company

Contemporary Cultural Identity Association (CCIA) was born in 2012, out of a desire to fight stereotypes associated with Romania and to show that we live in a normal country. Moreover, „natural” is the concept that NGO members often invoke in the discussions about the need for projects undertaken by them. Their approaches could be translated as an attempt to show that Romania is not the ‚different’country, where ‚everything is possible’, but a ‚natural’ and normal one.


Codruța Nicolescu, EMBA Executive Director
Mobile World Congress - Barcelona 2013

On February 25-28 the fifth edition of the GSMA Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona. It is organized by the GSM Association (GSMA), founded in 1995 and encompasses nearly 800 mobile operators in more than 200 countries. The event is the largest in the industry of mobile devices and in this article we will present the expectations of three Romanian companies participating in the event. These mini interviews were conducted using Business Days www.businessdays.ro.

Ioan Bercea Senior Web Developer
@3Pillar Global
Twitter Bootstrap in Web Applications

I like to define myself as a web developer, which means a person who performs web application rather than a performing websites presentation, the latter being my opinion and responsibility of the implementation of a web designer. However, Web applications have their web interface component, so for small teams or even „one man show / freelancer”, it exists the necessity of help in making an interface to make the user experience a pleasant one and ease of use and work for it to be as low as effort and time.

ABAP in Eclipse

While SAP’s reputation has been built around the business solutions which the company is able to offer to its enterprise clients, the technical platform supporting these solutions has not necessary been the center of attention. However, the recent initiatives indicate that SAP wants to change this fact. Among these initiatives is also the decision to migrate the classical ABAP development environment from the standard SAP GUI interface to a more modern platform, namely Eclipse.

Alex Luca Senior Developer
@Hewlett Packard
Google Web Toolkit – Overview

The present article is an introduction for those who haven’t yet worked with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and also a source of interesting information about GWT for those who are familiar with this toolkit. In essence, GWT is a toolkit that allows creating complex web applications with minimal knowledge of HTML / JavaScript. This is possible because the GWT compiler translates Java code into HTML / JS. For example, creating a button in GWT can be done using the below code:

Ramona Muntean Measurements & Best Practices
Implementing a successful metrics system in an IT company

The current article is mainly addressed to managers and executives and describes the approaches, factors and pre-requisites to be considered when implementing a measurements process in an organization. Ideas and recommendations outlined in the article are drawn from the experience and practices of an IT company whose focus is continuous improvement.

Radu Popescu QA and Web designer
@Small Footprint
In search of the perfect domain

The purpose of this article is to assist those who wish to buy a web domain, giving them useful information to find the perfect name. Choosing a domain name is one of the important steps in creating an online presence. At this point it is becoming increasingly difficult to find domain which are free and match your expectations. The domain name has an important role when people discover, manage to remember, thinking or talking about a website. Imagination and some strategies presented in this article also contributed to finding a good domain name

Bogdan Nastasa UX/UI Design Lead
Design adaptiv – a fad or necessity

What exactly is adaptive design? The answer lies just in the title, namely: it is a design that fits and looks great on any phone, tablet, computer or even smart TVs. You are probably wondering why it is necessary to use this approach instead of carrying out strict applications targeted to a specific device. Basically, according to the budget, needs and the complexity level, one of the solutions will be chosen.

Radu Vunvulea Solution Architect
Microsoft in Open-Source

As we all know, the open-source project exists from the moment when the first line of code was written. In this post we will see what open-source meant for Microsoft in the past and what is the relationship between open-source community and Microsoft nowadays.

The Challenge of Leadership (Part 2)

This is the second in a series of three articles on the challenge of leadership by Martin Mackay, recently appointed CEO of Neverfail. In the first article Mackay laid out the strategic framework he is employing at Neverfail to drive change. Here he discusses in more detail the five key responsibilities a leader has to recognise.

Daniela Haliga Business Analyst
Who is the Business Analyst and why would I need one?

All over the world, business analysis is a highly interesting field which concerns equally the companies and their customers. But the gap between theory and reality proves that this practice is still a fresh one. Despite their domain knowledge, from non-governmental organizations to finances, banks or constructions, the difference between success and failure depends on the capacity to change and adapt to market needs, at customer’s requirements which are more and more diversified.

Tavi Bolog Development Lead at Nokia
Introduction to Grails (III)

I hope the previous articles about Grails raise your interest on the framework to give it a try. Here comes the last article the “Introduction to Grails” series, presenting the following topics:
- Custom validators
- Internationalization
- Tag libs
- Url Mappings
- Persistence

Adrian Lupei Project Manager and Software Engineering Manager
Agile or idle?

When we think of Agile, we think of individuals and the interaction between them, the functional software, the collaboration with customers and the responsiveness to change. These four values are the foundation of Agile methodologies! Values like „responsiveness to change” or adaptation must become a way of being even outside the world of the Agile manifesto. We have to become agile as an individual, team, organization or company.

Silviu Dumitrescu Line manager@Telenav
Book review: OSGi in Action

OSGi stands for „Open Services Gateway Initiative” and is a framework that defines a dynamic module system for Java. Framework’s origins are somewhere in the early 2000s. The type of technology used by OSGi, although it is based on Java, is relatively different from what we know so far: object-oriented programming, or later, in enterprise, components-oriented programming.

Antonia Onaca de aproape 10 ani trainer, psiholog, consultant sub formă de antreprenor, intraprenor și antreprenor din nou
The Psychology of initiating and maintaining behaviors

I truly think a lot of people are already tired of anything even barely related to Time Management. For this specific reason I want to rephrase the issue a bit. When we say Time Management we are actually tricking ourselves. No matter how relative time is, in our own reality the day will have 24 hours regardless if we feel they will pass slowly or not.

Simona Bonghez Managing Partner @ Colors in Projects
Gogu and Agile

- You prehistoric mammoth, you feed extinction! You must be flexible, you must adapt ... Gogu was very involved, it was a subject he loved and which he had often debated with Chief, so now was very sure of himself.
- No, it’s not true, even mammoths can be agile. Haven’t you heard those guys with the event?... even mammoths can be Agile is actually the title of the event.


In the previous issue, we have seen that statistics showing successful projects indicate that the success rate is 24%, considering the results of 2009. To reduce the risks of failure, each company adapts to difficult situations by applying mechanisms to turn a potential loss into a success.

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