Axente Paul

Axente Paul

Senior UX Engineer @3Pillar Global

Taking responsive website to the next level

Responsive web design started three years ago when media queries made it to W3C’s recommended standard in June 2012. It was the most anticipated CSS feature at that time (the one that put responsive before web design) and it became a game changer that would open a door of endless possibilities for designers and developers alike. The most important trend that followed shortly after its introduction was mobile first.

Save user's time with a well designed interface

Time is extremely important for the users, reason why we should care. On every project, we should ask ourselves the questions: “Do I save myself a few development hours at the expense of the user?” and “How could I improve the user experience?” People hate wasting time, especially online. We spend so much time online that even the smallest interactions take time. A small inconvenient doesn’t seem much, but more of them put together may lead to frustration and increase the probability for the users to give up using the service you are trying to provide.

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