Tiberiu Cifor

Tiberiu Cifor

Engineering Manager @3Pillar Global

Zero Bug Software Development and Four Amigos

We all know that the way in which software products are delivered has changed a lot in the last few years. There is an increasing need to deliver things faster and to ensure that what we deliver is high-quality. If some years ago, development teams had enough time to design an architecture, to plan what they developed very well, in the last few years, the same teams do not enjoy the same amount of time. For this reason, the work methodologies laid great focus on the time required to deliver a product. We live in a globalized world, a state of affairs which can be seen in the way teams are built. Some time ago, development teams shared the same location. This is no longer valid. The majority of the development teams are distributed on different time zones and across various cultural contexts. In spite of all this, the high-standards of software product quality is as high as it will ever be.

Boosting Agile in distributed teams

As we all know, nowadays, one of the most widely used methods or manners of work in order to manage project teams is Agile. Agile can be successfully implemented by using Scrum (in my opinion, one of the most widespread approaches), Kanban or others. Everybody does Agile, everybody knows the Agile principles and everybody implements them. Due to the nature of my job, I have been through many projects, from the smallest ones to the biggest ones, from the easiest ones to some of the most difficult projects.

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