Bogdan Matei

Bogdan Matei

Senior Php Developer @3Pillar Global

Functional testing in PHP

In 1999 the principles of „Extreme Programming” came out and four years later Kent Beck reformulated those concepts into the more popular Test Driven Development. In the same period, in his efforts to spread the principles of TDD, Dan North was frequently hitting the same questions: „At what stage to start writing code?” „What should be tested exactly?” and „What is the structure of the tests and how to call them?”. Then he had the inspiration to propose the idea of behavioral testing or functional testing and thus Behaviour Driven Development was born - a paradigm that aims testing from the user perspective, meaning how he expects the application to run. Going further from concept to implementation in different languages was only another small step.

OPTIONSABILITY - A discrete feature of IT projects

An overview of the social and professional actuality reveals a rather exponential trend, especially in the last twenty years, which makes our today’s standards and benefits higher and higher. Beyond obvious evolution, the dynamics and magnitude of these events have led to take place an important, but yet subtle, change of emphasis positioning: the achievements do matter, but more than that, today, it matters most the further options you have. If there are other areas where this is less true, in IT this conclusion is real and representative.

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