Alexandru Fediuc

Alexandru Fediuc

Associate IT Consultant @.msg systems Romania

Augmented reality on mobile devices

Augmented reality has entered the area of interest of consumers and, of course, that of programmers, too, along with the development of processors and graphics cards on mobile devices. However, one of the first devices that used the idea behind this technology was Sensorama, created by Morton Heilig, over 40 years ago. The device worked on similar principles, but with a more "rudimentary" manner or implementation. What made augmented reality famous was the appearance of the well-known Google Glass, and the one that managed to push the barriers further is the device patented by Microsoft, Kinect, together with the virtual headphones. I will not focus on these topics, as they belong to a different category, which I would call "still experimental". Nevertheless, these technological "pushes" made the appearance of Augmented Reality (AR) possible also on the mobile devices. Nowadays, even a novice programmer can build such an application with the help of some powerful SDKs made available to anyone.

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