Horea Rațiu

Horea Rațiu

Director Departament SAP @.msg systems Romania

IT Application in SAP, developed by msg systems Romania, presented in “IT Conference on SAP Technol

msg Systems Romania has developed in Cluj-Napoca an IT product based on the latest technologies proposed by SAP. The project, launched exclusively in Cluj in regard to technical coordination and implementation, meant the extension of the flexibility of some already existing products, appreciated by the clients of the insurance-reinsurance branch, of the msg systems portfolio: Munich Re, Vienna Insurance Group, GenRe, AIG, Volkswagen Bank, Achmea, Nationale Niederlande, Samsung Life Insurance. The IT application was conceived by architects with experience in SAP, in collaboration with business consultants of the insurance-reinsurance branch. The proper software development was done by a team of nine SAP programmers.

In-Memory Database - SAP HANA Real-Time Platform

Development of SAP business solutions represents a continuous challenge which extends on two levels, the technical and the knowledge of the business environment. The need for performance and high adaptability in creating a SAP business software also requires innovation whose already applicable revolutionary results we would like to reveal in the following paragraphs.

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