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Daniel Donea Associate IT Consultant
Model Driven Design – theory to practice

This article offers a minimal theoretical approach to Model Driven Design through Model Driven Architecture. It describes what a Conceptual Model is and how it is linked with the Domain Model/Problem Model. Afterwards, it offers a simple example of how a Model is created and manipulated in Model-driven Software Development.

Alexandru Fediuc Associate IT Consultant
Augmented reality on mobile devices

Augmented reality has entered the area of interest of consumers and, of course, that of programmers, too, along with the development of processors and graphics cards on mobile devices. However, one of the first devices that used the idea behind this technology was Sensorama, created by Morton Heilig, over 40 years ago. The device worked on similar principles, but with a more "rudimentary" manner or implementation. What made augmented reality famous was the appearance of the well-known Google Glass, and the one that managed to push the barriers further is the device patented by Microsoft, Kinect, together with the virtual headphones. I will not focus on these topics, as they belong to a different category, which I would call "still experimental". Nevertheless, these technological "pushes" made the appearance of Augmented Reality (AR) possible also on the mobile devices. Nowadays, even a novice programmer can build such an application with the help of some powerful SDKs made available to anyone.

Philip Peterhansl IT Consultant Automotive
Websockets – http on steroids

Http has been around since 1999, but the modern web applications‘ increasing demand for server push and a more efficient communication protocol, led to the definition of the Websocket protocol in 2011. The questions asked at the Java Conference 2014 in Cluj were symptomatic for the new technologies: Who heard about Websockets? Nearly everyone of the ~250 participants. Who already used Websockets? Just a bunch of people, around 10 to 15. Finally, who used Websockets in a commercial project? As expected, no one raised the hand.

Mihnea Lazăr Java Developer
Pragmatism in programming

Pragmatism, as a term, refers to treating a task in a manner that focuses on the practical aspect of the approach, to maximize efficiency. In the field of programming, this term refers to the “best practices” of programming. These often refer to writing clean code and managing the code in a manner as efficient as possible, to make it easily understandable, by the person that writes the code, and by the people that will read the code in the future. The present article will present a series of ideas, with the purpose of improving the way we write our code, and the way we handle the projects given to us.

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Tudor Trișcă Team Lead & Scrum Master
Test Driven Development (TDD)

Test Driven Development (TDD) is a software development technique that combines Test First Development (TFD) with refactoring. The goal of test driven development is split between multiple points of view: code specification, not validation; in other words, is a way of thinking from the requirements or designs point of view before we can write functional code (TDD is an agile requirement and an agile design technique). Another point of view is that TDD represents a programming technique of writing clean and functional code.

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Knall Andreas Java Team Lead
Aspect Oriented Programming

While paradigms such as MDD (Model Driven Development) or TDD (test driven development) play an important role in today’s software development, a new paradigm, called AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) has become increasingly popular lately. The role of AOP is to modularize some central aspects of an application, also known as called cross cutting concerns.

Victor Ionescu SAP IT Consultant
ABAP in Eclipse

While SAP’s reputation has been built around the business solutions which the company is able to offer to its enterprise clients, the technical platform supporting these solutions has not necessary been the center of attention. However, the recent initiatives indicate that SAP wants to change this fact. Among these initiatives is also the decision to migrate the classical ABAP development environment from the standard SAP GUI interface to a more modern platform, namely Eclipse.

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Oana Oprean Center of Competence Manager
Professional development in the SAP

Since my activities do not coincide with those of an HR Manager, who is responsible for the industrial HR part of a company and neither with those of a recruitment specialist, the idea of writing this article is based on the situations met while interacting with the colleagues from the department I am responsible of on a daily basis. 90% of this people are ABAP developers or consultants.

Horea Rațiu Director Departament SAP
In-Memory Database - SAP HANA Real-Time Platform

Development of SAP business solutions represents a continuous challenge which extends on two levels, the technical and the knowledge of the business environment. The need for performance and high adaptability in creating a SAP business software also requires innovation whose already applicable revolutionary results we would like to reveal in the following paragraphs.

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Rodica Manolache Marketing & PR Specialist
Art & IT: overcoming the conventional framework by stimulating creativity

Let’s put aside facts and figures. Beyond annual turnover and technology, the real drivers of a business are people, their creativity and how they collaborate in order to provide services or software systems desired by the client. Software solutions have often been the innovative factor that turned conventional business services, offering customers’ significant added value. While the processes of a certain domain, such as automotive, insurance or banking are standard, the software platform that is at the basis of their innovation makes the difference between an innovative and a standard service.




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