Magnoliu Stan Director @ Smart HR
Time Management – Take over!

The way we live and carry on our daily activities is characterized by speed and concourse. We have to deal with an overwhelming amount of tasks and activities. Moreover, we are assaulted by an excess of information: email messages, news on different channels (printed newspapers, online media, radio or TV), phone calls, Skype messages or on other instant-messaging solutions, Facebook, Linkedin, received documents, colleagues and collaborators, clients, different types of reunions. What should our attitude and reaction be to this situation? 

Radu Vunvulea Solution Architect
Logging on external storages.... lesson learns

Logging and audit is a must have to for all applications. Without this information, monitoring and support team would not be able to know what is happening in the system, if the system works correctly and what happens in a specific point in time. On top of this, from a security perspective, you need to audit at different levels of your system who is accessing your system, what is the action and when.


Dragoș Andronic Product Manager @ Telenav
OSMTime meetups on improving OSM Data

At the end of the each month, in our EU offices we organize an OSMTime meetup. Similar to the Maptime format, during the OSMtime meetup, local maps enthusiasts gather to share information regarding OpenStreetMap initiatives and tools and partake in map editing activities. While all GIS related information & tools are within scope, the main focus of these meetups is OpenStreetMap editing, and more specifically improving OSM within the immediate geographic vicinity.

Romulus Bucur Senior developer & PM @Siemens
Designing strong systems - some guiding marks

The strategies of software development have always been and will continue to be a permanent topic of debate and contradictions, which generates at the same time an environment favorable to important ideas. Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity of dealing with different opinions and attitudes regarding this topic. 

Teofil Cojocariu Development Security Testing & Assurance Analysts @ Betfair

Iacob Nasca Principal Developer @ Betfair
Indoor Positioning System Using Wi-Fi Signal

We have all seen the cool movies like 'Enemy of the state' in which the NSA is able to pin-point your location, without you noticing, by using your phone. The movie was released in 1998, and at the time those ideas might have looked like science fiction, but nowadays this might actually be plausible. With our upcoming fedex day, this was a good opportunity to try it out. Surely we don't have the capabilities or the time that the intelligence agency has, but we should give it a shot.

Peter Lawrey CEO @ Higher Frequency Trading Ltd
Common misconception: How many objects does this create?

A common question is how many objects or how many Strings does a section of code create. Often the answer is not what you think nor should you really need to know. It is useful to have an idea of when an object is created but there is so many other factors which are often far more important to consider which can mean the total number for an application is not what you think. String is a not a single object

Ana-Maria Vuscan PR & Customer Care Specialist @ Azimut Happy Employees
Imagination + Involvement + LEGO bricks = mutual help

”What can you build using only LEGO bricks?” was a challenge we launched a few weeks ago. We were courious what can be built using LEGOs, and your imagination and involvement really took us by surprise. We’d really like to thank you for that! This also confirms the fact that adults really do enjoy playing, and that they can be quite creative. This is illustrated in an album on our Facebook page which contains all of your creations. Here you will also be able to find those creations which have been declared the winners of this challenge (Facebook/azimut.teambuilding).

Andrei Cacio Web developer
Introducing ironwingjs

In a few words, **ironwingjs** is a lightweight, framework-agnostic JavaScript library. **ironginwjs** is ment to be super easy to use and easy to integrate on any app. Out of the box it offers CRUD manipulation over a REST API interface. It all started as a simple necessity on a private project. We needed an easy way to asimilate a RESTful API and manage the data on the client. We didn't want to use a framework at the time. We just wanted a simple library without extra dependencies to achieve this. So we started writting a small implementation of our own. It turned out to be exactly what we needed for the task at hand. So... why not open source it?

Sebastian Silaghi Senior Software Developer in Test @VE Interactive
Acceptance Testing Driven Development using SpecFlow with Selenium in C#

In recent years software organizations strives for client satisfaction and for that reason testing focus changes more on what customer needs. Acceptance Test- Driven Development is one of the wonderful testing practices where business users will get to test the product, which makes this practice not only be most important for client but is the last major test before delivery. In this article I will present how to create Acceptance Testing Driven Development tests in .NET using SpecFlow. SpecFlow is an open source tool, it integrates with Visual Studio. You can define automated test using Selenium Web Driver for browser interaction, write scenarios in 100 % Gherkin language and automation code in C#.

Mircea Gui UI/UX Designer @ Yardi Romania
The User Experience Audit

The growing need of UI/UX designers in Cluj is proof of the maturity of the IT field, registered especially in the past years. This article is meant to help both companies and products that need UX designers and UX designers themselves. A designer’s efficiency derives not only from his creative processes, but also from his ability to analyze and rehash product information. The following paragraphs will reveal more about the preliminary stage, the stage of research and analysis (the User Experience Audit). This process has the very clear role of identifying if, and to what extent, a product may need an upgrade regarding its direct relationship with the user/client.

SoCraTes 2015 Unconference

“The most interesting parts of a conference are the coffee breaks” That is a key idea on which the concept of “unconference” was based upon. That the networking and information transfer, the best part of a conference, happens in a more efficient and enjoyable manner between sessions. Also known as an open space conference, an unconference steers away from the classical concept of fixed conferences with predetermined subjects of discussion.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Cluj IT Days 2015 from the point of view of presentations

There are still a few days left until Cluj IT Days, an event that has reached its third edition and has grown year after year. We have almost 320 participants, and if you hurry up, registration is still possible. For a good perspective, we have asked some of the speakers to describe their presentation, the target public and what the participants will be able to learn from the event.


This issue of the magazine is to be distributed for the first time in printed version during Cluj IT Days, an event which has reached its third edition this year. I hope those who are reading these lines in Cluj Arena on the 24th-25th of November think their participation is a good opportunity to connect to the IT life in Cluj and to enlarge their professional horizon.

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