Antonia Onaca

Antonia Onaca

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For real!

We have expectations from ourselves to be rational beings, maybe with very few exceptions. We certainly have these expectations from everybody else. This is most visible at the organizational level. People HAVE TO behave rationally/reasonably/logically. We expect us, but mostly everybody else, to analyze the situations objectively, decide rationally the course of action and then implement it according to the plan. We expect to be computing machines that use predictable and accurate algorithms and operate with little or no flaw.

Empathy, the new required professional competency

Empathy is defined as the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes. This is the definition we tend to use. The specialists define empathy somewhat the same, presenting however different facets of it. Why do I write about empathy? Firstly, because it’s more and more encountered. It’s not new but now it gets a lot of coverage especially in business writings. At this point empathy is considered that one quality that makes the difference in the work environment. I agree with this and most probably a lot of people do but not because it’s the new thing, but purely based on an utilitarian perspective.

fresh … ideas!

Experience is good as long as you need to solve problems that you already solved once. Experience, unfortunately, is un-good when you’re faced with new problems or you need new solutions. Why? The human mind is simple. This is great as long as you need to act fast and be efficient. We know, however, that today we need more than quick and easy.

Maybe, but probably not!

A lot of people I talked to recently talked about a wish to do something, unfortunately it remains a lot of the time just a wish. We each have a “I wanna work out”, “I want to read more”, “I want to eat healthier”, “I want to wake up earlier” and so on … We really, really wish for those things, we wish to start them, we wish to keep at them, we are really motivated but even so … nothing happens.

The Psychology of initiating and maintaining behaviors

I truly think a lot of people are already tired of anything even barely related to Time Management. For this specific reason I want to rephrase the issue a bit. When we say Time Management we are actually tricking ourselves. No matter how relative time is, in our own reality the day will have 24 hours regardless if we feel they will pass slowly or not.




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