Alexandru Bolboacă Agile Coach and Trainer, with a focus on technical practices
@Mozaic Works
Software Craftsmanship and Lean Startup

The Lean Startup movement was a revolution in the startup world, although it started from a simple observation. The standard way to create a startup was until recently “Build, Measure, Learn”:
- An entrepreneur comes up with a product vision;
-After obtaining necessary financing, he/she builds the product according to the vision the product is tested on the market;
- After obtaining necessary financing, he/she builds the product according to the vision the product is tested on the market

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Cluj Innovation Days 2014

The second edition of Cluj Innovation Days is scheduled to take place on March, 20th and 21st and is the main yearly event organized by Cluj IT Cluster. The President of the Cluster, Mr. Alexandru Tulai answered a few questions about the event, exclusively.


Roland Szabo Junior Python Developer
@3Pillar Global
Restricted Boltzmann Machines

In the last article I presented a short history of deep learning and I listed some of the main techniques that are used. Now I’m going to present the components of a deep learning system. Deep learning had its first major success in 2006, when Geoffrey Hinton and Ruslan Salakhutdinov published the paper “Reducing the Dimensionality of Data with Neural Networks”, which was the first efficient and fast application of Restricted Boltzmann Machines (or RBMs).

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Interview with Philipp Kandal

Lately, we have witnessed a series of acquisitions of local companies. It is also the case of EBS, purchased by NTT Data, Kno by Intel, or Evoline by Accenture. The last transaction of this kind was the purchasing of Skobbler by Telenav. Philipp Kandal, co-founder of Skobbler, had the kindness to answer a few questions for us.

Carmen Frăţilă Software engineer
@3Pillar Global
Getting started with Vagrant

How many times have you heard „But it works on my machine” or „But it works on my local”? How long does it take to setup an environment? How many times have you encountered differences between the production and development environments? Imagine an ideal world where all developers work on the same pre-build platform and the development and production platform share the same specs. This world exists and it’s called virtualization. Vagrant is a virtualization tool, which has an answer for all these questions, making this ideal world reality. It can be used to create and configure lightweight, reproducible and portable development environments.

Sorina Mone Marketing manager
Startup marketing: challenges and practical ideas

Budget, team and limited resources in general, anonymity and the need to create awareness, sometimes the need to educate the market and the need to generate sales opportunities – these are just some of the challenges faced by startup businesses. In this context, the process and the marketing approach applied by startups has at least some particularities often addressed in the marketing literature and certainly „lived” by many organizations in the early stages of their existence.

Cluj IT Cluster on Entrepreneurship

From the very first day the Cluj IT Cluster was created, we were confronted with the question of how we plan to support the local entrepreneurship. The question constantly accompanied us all the time in over one year since the Cluster was founded, at all conferences and events attended by our representatives.

Ovidiu Mățan Founder @ Today Software Magazine
Interview with Radu Georgescu

We are begining to publish a series of interviews from How To Web 2013, most important event dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship from Eastern Europe. Radu Georgescu is a well known IT entreneur from România as he built several products: RAV Antivirus sold to Microsoft, Gecad ePayment sold to Napster, and the last big transaction have been the selling of Avangate.

Dumitrița Munteanu Software engineer
Multithreading in C++11 standard (II)

In the previous examples we discussed ways to protect the data shared between multiple threads. Sometimes it is not enough just to protect shared data, but it is also necessary to synchronize the operations executed by different threads. As a rule one wants a thread to wait until an event occurs or until a condition becomes true. To this end, C + + Standard Library provides primitives such as condition variables and futures.

Alin Stănescu Project manager

Evolso is created with 3 main technical parts : The mobile app, the website and REST services. The web platform can be accessed at : http://evolso.com. On this site you can find out more informations about what evolso stands for, how it can help you in your daily life and how to use it at maximum, info about team members, events.At the same time there is a visible part only available to our partners where they can login with an account and create,design events and see statistics of what’s happening inside their locations ( ex :how many users check-ed in, how many will attend the events, etc. ). The mobile app is created for our users and is the main part of the system.

Radu Vunvulea Solution Architect
Metrics in Visual Studio 2013

In the article of the last issue, we talked about how we can measure software metrics by using Sonar. This is a tool that can be very useful not only to the technical lead but also to the rest of the team. Any team member can very easily check on the web interface of the Sonar what the value of different metrics is.

Attila-Mihaly Balazs Software Panther @ Synapp.io
How (NOT TO) measure latency

Latency is defined as the time interval between the stimulation and response and it is a value which is of importance in many computer systems (financial systems, games, websites, etc). Hence we - as computer engineers - want to specify some upper bounds / worst case scenarios for the systems we build. How can we do this?

Püsök Orsolya Functional Architect
Thinking in Kanban

Visual card - this would be the exact meaning of the Japanese word “Kanban”, a term widely used nowadays in the world of IT. The meaning that we recognize today refers to the software development methodology famous for its simplicity but also efficiency.

Ioana Armean Business Analyst
@Imprezzio Global
New business development analysis

It’s a pleasure to watch as an observer how businesses are growing. Still, there are a few that think about the roadmap to success, from where it all begun and which were the first steps that led to success. Today we know as a fact that, before starting a new project, no matter the industry, there is need for a plan. In most fields, the business plan is most used. More recently, in the software industry the term of POC appeared.

Ana-Loredana Pascaru Training Manager
Business pitching or how to sell in 4 simple steps

Has it ever happened to you to attend a great event or dinner party with great people that you wanted to talk to, but you had no clue how to break the ice? Or you just wanted to exchange some ideas and get connected to some of them but it seemed like words weren’t there for you to make you feel at ease? Most of the times, one’s got only 60 seconds to talk about what he knows to do best in his business or in his job, in front of his partners or co-workers.

Simona Bonghez Managing Partner @ Colors in Projects
Gogu and the Ship

“Tell me again, dad, what do you do at work?”
I muck about, was the thought that crossed Gogu’s mind, but he refrained from saying it aloud. He was spiteful for not having succeeded till now to offer an answer so that the child could understand, neither had he an idea about what explanation to give. Oh, brother… It isn’t easy to manage a project, but it looks like it’s even harder to explain how you do that. He grumbled:
“I am in charge of projects; that’s what I do. But what are you about again?”


The word innovation on the cover of the magazine announces the theme of this issue, startups and innovation. But the word was also chosen to mark symbolically the incoming of a new stage of the local IT, that of innovation. If, a few years ago, execution and performance were among the most widely employed words, we are now witnessing an unprecedented ascending of the concept of innovation on the Romanian market.

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